ConnectedSolutions Resource Page

ConnectedSolutions is an innovative battery funding program that offers incentives to residential and commercial electric customers in exchange for allowing their electric utility to draw on the energy stored in their grid-connected behind-the-meter batteries at times of peak electric demand. The program uses multi-year contracts between the utility and customer to create a virtual power plant that can be called upon to provide valuable grid services, while providing revenue and back-up power to battery owners. It is frequently, but not always, run through state energy efficiency programs.

The ConnectedSolutions model was developed and implemented in Massachusetts with analytic support from Clean Energy Group, and has now been adopted by other states in the Northeast. CEG’s reports on this program model are below, along with links to relevant state programs, articles and blogs.

Energy Storage: The New Efficiency ― How States Can Use Efficiency Funds to Support Battery Storage and Flatten Costly Demand Peaks

April 2019

This report explains the steps Massachusetts took to become the first state to integrate energy storage technologies into its energy efficiency plan.

ConnectedSolutions: The New Economics of Solar+Storage for Affordable Housing in Massachusetts

February 2021

This report represents the first independent, public analysis of the impact of ConnectedSolutions on the development of solar+storage systems for affordable housing properties.

ConnectedSolutions: A New State Funding Mechanism to Make Battery Storage Accessible to All

February 2021

This report aims to inform state policymakers about the structure and benefits of the new ConnectedSolutions battery storage program model.

ConnectedSolutions: An Assessment for Massachusetts

September 2021

This report assesses the design and performance of the Massachusetts ConnectedSolutions program during its initial 3-year program implementation cycle.

Energy Storage for Winter Grid Reliability: How Batteries Became the Low-Cost Solution for Power Assurance in Massachusetts

December 2021

Winter electric peaking capacity services are currently undervalued in the Massachusetts programs that provide battery customers with performance payments to supply power back to the grid at times of high demand.