Clean Energy Group's initiatives focus on energy justice and climate at the local, state, and national levels in partnership and collaboration with diverse organizations, from community-based groups and environmental justice advocates to state policymakers and federal agencies.

Clean Energy Finance

Breaking down barriers to resilient, clean energy development through innovative financing solutions.

Climate Resilient Energy Codes

Clean, reliable power for multifamily affordable housing residents.

Connecticut Health Resilience

Protecting Connecticut’s most vulnerable, electricity-dependent residents by assisting affordable housing developers in developing solar and battery storage.

Distributed Energy Storage, Efficiency, and Demand Response

Unlocking the potential of customer-sited resources to improve the energy system.

Energy Storage Policy and Regulation

Advancing energy storage policies, programs, and regulations to accelerate an equitable clean energy transition.

Health and Energy Security

Keeping life-saving services powered for medically vulnerable people.

Hydrogen Information and Public Education

Raising awareness of the health and environmental impacts of hydrogen production and use.

Phase Out Peakers

Replacing peaker power plants with clean alternatives in environmental justice communities.

Resilient Power Leadership Initiative

Building community-based capacity for more energy resilient communities.

Resilient Power Project

Building the foundation for energy resilient communities.

Technical Assistance Fund

Providing technical support to build local resilience.

Completed Initiatives