Clean Energy Group Staff

CEG’s main office is located in Montpelier, Vermont. CEG staff are located across the country.

CEG’s project directors are available for media interviews and panel participation on topics related to clean energy finance, technology and policy. Staff bios are available below. To connect with CEG’s energy experts and learn more about their work, contact

Anna Adamsson
Project Assistant

South Bend, IN

Maria Blais Costello
Manager of Program Administration

Montpelier, VT

Vero Bourg-Meyer
Project Director for Solar Initiatives 

Montpelier, VT

Samantha Donalds
Communications Manager

Montpelier, VT

Wafa May Elamin
Project Manager

Virginia/DC Metro Area

Warren Leon
Executive Director – Clean Energy States Alliance

Concord, MA

Marriele Mango
Project Director

Philadelphia, PA

Meghan Monahan
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Montpelier, VT

Seth Mullendore
President and Executive Director

Montpelier, VT

Todd Olinsky-Paul
Senior Project Director

Montpelier, VT

Abbe Ramanan
Project Director

Lewiston, ME

Shelley Robbins
Project Director

Durham, NC

Anthony Vargo
Chief Financial Officer

Montpelier, VT

Lew Milford
Clean Energy Group Founder