Clean Energy Group

What We Do

Foster collaboration across a broad community of diverse organizations

Develop and disseminate accessible information and resources to advance innovative energy solutions

Provide trusted expertise and analysis supporting community-led clean energy development

Inform inclusive clean energy programs, policies, and regulations


Years of
Clean Energy

Who We Serve

Petersburg Community Resilience Hub

Supported by CEG’s Resilient Power Leadership Initiative and Technical Assistance Fund, this solar+storage Resilience Hub will support an emergency shelter during grid outages and provide workforce development training in renewables and efficiency.

The PEAK Coalition

As a member of the PEAK Coalition in New York City, CEG works alongside local environmental justice advocates to replace heavily polluting peaker power plants located in disadvantaged communities with clean alternatives.

Massachusetts Energy Storage Programs

CEG assists local advocates and state agencies throughout Massachusetts to advance best practices and implement inclusive and equitable clean energy policies and programs.


In the News & Press Releases

Low-income communities shouldn’t be left out of the clean energy transition

This article by Curtis Probst at The Kresge Foundation discusses CEG's work with Kresge and NYCEEC to bring solar+storage to underserved communities.

Our Partners

Partnership is a hallmark of our work and critical to our success. Clean Energy Group collaborates with community-based organizations, environmental justice organizations, nonprofit advocates, state and federal agencies, national laboratories, and other clean energy experts across the country.