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    How Activists and Foundations Can Champion Battery Storage to Recharge the Clean Energy Transition

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    Clean Energy Group promotes effective clean energy policies, develops low-carbon technology innovation strategies, and works on new financial tools to advance clean energy markets.

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    Are there facilities in your community that could benefit from clean, affordable, reliable power? Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Toolkit can help get your solar+storage project started, with specialized resources for community service providers and affordable housing developers.

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    Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Project aims to bring equal access to clean energy technologies to the populations that need it most.

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  • FEATURED REPORT: Resilience for Free

    With the right market structures and incentives, solar+storage systems in multifamily affordable housing can provide a positive economic return on par with energy efficiency or stand-alone solar.

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Featured Reports

Jump-Start: How Activists and Foundations Can Champion Battery Storage to Recharge the Clean Energy Transition

April 2018

This report was prepared for activists and foundations who want to understand how battery storage can become an essential new part of their clean energy and climate advocacy. It tries to answer two basic questions: (1) What do we need to know to understand these opportunities? and (2) What actions should we support to realize them?

This report explores the top 10 emerging trends for battery storage across all elements of the energy system, and it recommends over 50 actions that should be taken to accelerate battery storage in these topic areas.

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Owning the Benefits of Solar+Storage: New Ownership and Investment Models for Affordable Housing and Community Facilities

February 2018

This paper explores additional ownership and financing options for solar+storage projects and low-income communities beyond direct ownership and conventional leasing models.

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Resilient Power Project Case Study – Sterling Municipal Light Department

March 2018

A small municipal utility installed a battery storage system to compliment an existing solar electric system for cost savings and resilient power. This case study includes technical and financial details, as well as lessons learned over the course of the project.

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Valuing the Resilience Provided by Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems

January 2018

Researchers from NREL and Clean Energy Group found that placing a monetary value on the ability of solar+storage to avoid losses during grid outages can significantly impact project economics and system design.

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Identifying Potential Markets for Behind-the-Meter Battery Energy Storage: A Survey of U.S. Demand Charges

August 2017

This collaborative paper by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Clean Energy Group details the first comprehensive public analysis of the potential size of the commercial behind-the-meter battery storage market in the United States.

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Solar Risk: How Energy Storage Can Preserve Solar Savings in California Affordable Housing

May 2017

A new analysis finds that energy storage can effectively hedge against proposed changes to California’s solar policies and utility rates that could drastically reduce the value of solar.

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A Resilient Power Capital Scan: How Foundations Could Use Grants and Investments to Advance Solar and Storage in Low-Income Communities

February 2017

This report, commissioned by The Kresge Foundation, the Surdna Foundation and The JPB Foundation, identifies market barriers to deploying solar+storage technologies in low-income markets, and proposes more than 50 grant and investment opportunities that socially minded investors can use to target those barriers.

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Energy Storage Procurement Guidance Documents for Municipalities

sandia es report coverJune 2016

This series of energy storage procurement guidance documents for municipalities was originally produced to support Massachusetts Department of Energy’s Community Clean Energy Resilience Initiative awardees in energy storage procurement; however, these materials offer useful information for other municipalities to consider as they develop solicitations for resilient, energy storage projects.

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Closing the California Clean Energy Divide: Reducing Electric Bills in Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing with Solar+Storage

CA Report Cover May 2016

May 2016

This economic analysis indicates that pairing solar PV with battery storage systems can deliver significant electricity bill savings for California affordable housing residents and property owners.

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Resilience for Free: How Solar+Storage Could Protect Multifamily Affordable Housing from Power Outages at Little or No Net Cost

resilience for free coverOctober 2015

This report concludes that with the right market structures and incentives, solar+storage systems can provide a positive economic return on par with energy efficiency or stand-alone solar.

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New Video: Sterling Energy Storage System

A new battery energy storage system in the town of Sterling, Massachusetts is saving the Sterling Municipal Light Department’s ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and providing at least 12 days of backup power to the police station and emergency dispatch center to keep first responder operations running, even during extended power outages.

This video showcases the economic and resilient power benefits of the solar+storage system with several interviewees discussing the merits of the project and features an animation segment that explains how the battery storage system works to save money and provide resilient power to the town during an emergency. Learn more…

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