Our Approach

What We Do

Clean Energy Group’s work is designed to systemically tackle barriers to energy justice on multiple levels, with project development, programmatic, and analytical strategies all working together to advance a more just and inclusive energy transformation. We do this by supporting local efforts and advancing regional and national initiatives to ensure that historically marginalized communities are equitable participants in and beneficiaries of the energy transition currently underway. Throughout our work, we prioritize the imperative to listen, understand, and address the pressing energy needs of our partners and the communities they serve.

Our core strategies and services include:

Who We Serve

The goal of our work is to ensure that the many benefits of clean energy – cleaner air, energy resilience, jobs, ownership, and wealth creation – are equitably shared by those who have been most impacted by the environmental, racial, and economic injustices of the fossil energy system and the communities most vulnerable to the ravages of the climate crisis. In service of our mission to accelerate an equitable and inclusive clean energy transition, we collaborate with and support the critical work of diverse organizations across the country, including community-based organizations, environmental justice groups, critical services providers, municipalities, and state agencies.