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Blue and Green Hydrogen Production: Potential Harms & Global Warming Impacts

November 2, 2023

The hype around using green or blue hydrogen as a decarbonization tool overlooks the fact that all hydrogen use can significantly increase global warming. How hydrogen is produced can have significant climate impacts.

Hydrogen’s Global Warming Impacts

November 2, 2023

The hype around clean hydrogen as a decarbonization tool overlooks the fact that all hydrogen significantly increases global warming if it leaks into the atmosphere, and its use with natural gas does not substantively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Resilient Power Funding Programs: Building the Foundation for Energy Resilient Communities – 2022 Annual Impact Report

October 5, 2023

This report outlines the impacts of CEG’s 2022 grantmaking through the Technical Assistance Fund and the Resilient Power Leadership Initiative. The report covers the programs’ projects, partnerships, and lessons learned.

The PEAK Coalition Comments on EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Standards and Guidelines for Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants

August 8, 2023

The PEAK Coalition submitted comments regarding the EPA’s proposed new carbon pollution standards for coal and gas-fired power plants, expressing grave concerns about the environmental justice implications of the proposed rules.

Clean Energy Group Comments on EPA’s Proposed Rules on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits for Power Plants

August 7, 2023

The EPA is proposing changes to the Clean Air Act related to greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel-fired electric generating units. CEG, along with nine partner organizations, has submitted comments expressing concerns about the potential impact of these proposed changes. 

Electric Vehicles and Equity: How EVs Work, Their Pros and Cons, and the Role They Can Play in Making Our Communities Stronger

June 1, 2023

Can electric vehicles play a role in advancing equity in underserved and historically marginalized communities? This report explores that question in four parts.

Comments on New Jersey Electric Generating Units

May 31, 2023

Clean Energy Group and partners submitted comments to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding a proposed rulemaking concept to allow clean energy compliance options for existing Electric Generating Units. These comments raise significant questions about various elements of the proposal and expressed concern that such rules, if developed and approved, would enable fossil assets to remain online unnecessarily.

Supporting Access to Health Care: Resilient Emergency Power for Florida Community Health Centers

May 24, 2023

This report describes backup power needs and opportunities at Florida’s Community Health Centers. The report includes a technoeconomic analysis for using solar+storage for emergency backup power at health centers, and provides insights and recommendations for resilient power adoption at Health Centers nationwide.

The Interconnection Bottleneck: Why Most Energy Storage Projects Never Get Built

May 11, 2023

This report investigates the barriers to more effective and efficient interconnection of distributed energy storage resources.

Comments on Proposed Changes to Massachusetts’ ConnectedSolutions Program

March 28, 2023

CEG submitted comments to the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council to express concern about potentially harmful proposed changes to the Massachusetts ConnectedSolutions program incentive rules.



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