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Advancing Environmental Justice through Battery Energy Storage

This article in JD Supra by Kevin Chen cites CEG's Peaker Plant Mapping Tool to highlight the disproportionate effects of fossil-fueled peaker plants on environmental justice communities.

The Current and Future State of Distributed Resources in NC

In episode 109 of The Squeaky Clean Energy Podcast, experts discussed the current state of behind the meter resources and the opportunities that lie ahead with new incentive programs like PowerPair and Solar for All.

Low-income communities shouldn’t be left out of the clean energy transition

This article by Curtis Probst at The Kresge Foundation discusses CEG's work with Kresge and NYCEEC to bring solar+storage to underserved communities.

Federal programs create little incentive for companies to make low-carbon hydrogen: IEEFA

This article in Utility Dive highlights key points from CEG's webinar on the DOE's hydrogen hubs program.


EPA Power Plant Proposal Gets Mixed Reception in Comments

This article in RTO Insider cites CEG's comments regarding the EPA's proposed emissions rules for power plants

Environmentalists urge EPA to tweak power plant rule

This E&E News article cites CEG's comments expressing concerns over EPA's endorsement of carbon capture and hydrogen blending

A Silent Threat to the Energy Transition: America’s Broken Infrastructure Policy

This article in Real Clear Energy highlights CEG's report on energy storage interconnection queues.

Report shows that many Florida health centers are in need of emergency backup power capabilities

This article in State of Reform discusses CEG's recent research on the backup power needs at Florida health centers

Three ways states can fix interconnection of distributed solar and storage

This article in PV Magazine highlights the findings of CEG's new report on energy storage and interconnection

Report: Storage Projects Stymied at Distribution System Interconnection

This RTO Insider article discusses CEG's recent webinar and new report on energy storage interconnection bottlenecks

Difficulty Connecting to Electric Grid Stalls Renewable Energy Projects

An article in ecoRI News highlights the findings of CEG's energy storage interconnection report

New initiative is working to get network of community hubs in neighborhoods on Detroit’s east side

CEG's Resilient Power Project is helping to support the Detroit Resilient Eastside Initiative

How We Helped an NYC Community Say No to a Dirty Gas Plant and Get Wind Power Instead

This article by Earthjustice describes CEG's work with The PEAK Coalition in New York City



Eastern Generation Scraps Plans for Gowanus Power Plant, Turns Toward Renewables
Kirstyn Brendlen, Brooklyn Paper, 12/20/2021

Closing the equity gap: This innovative technical assistance program is driving solar+storage projects across frontline communities
Elana Knopp, Edison Energy, 12/16/2021

Assessing Massachusetts’ ConnectedSolutions Distributed Battery Program – what works, what could improve
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Solar Builder, 11/1/2021

Massachusetts finds early success with behind-the-meter energy storage program
John Engel, Renewable Energy World, 10/1/2021

With forward capacity auction success, batteries are winning in New England
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Utility Dive, 9/28/2021

We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge
Seth Mullendore, Daily Climate, 9/21/2021

The Solar Industry and COVID: A Conversation with Seth Mullendore of Clean Energy Group
Sara Carbone, CollectiveSun, 9/20/2021

Campaign to shut down New York City’s peaker plants gains congressional ally
Scott Van Voorhis, Utility Dive, 8/27/2021

S.F. will soon roll out nation’s first hydrogen ferry
Jessica Wolfrom, San Francisco Examiner, 8/25/2021

Fight over ‘peaker’ plants poses grid climate test
Miranda Wilson, Politico, 8/24/2021

Report shows strong solar+storage market growth… and plenty of room for improvement
Seth Mullendore, PV Magazine, 8/13/2021

Energy storage a ‘viable, low emissions and cheaper alternative’ to Massachusetts fossil fuel plant
Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News, 8/2/2021

What the infrastructure deal means for energy
E&E News Staff, E&E News, 7/30/2021

Report: Battery storage could be viable alternative
Erin Nolan, The Salem News, 7/29/2021

U.S. coal production hit 55-year low
Ester Wells, Politico, 7/15/2021

As Pittsfield power plant seeks permit renewal, environmental groups call for clean-energy transition
Danny Jin, The Berkshire Eagle, 7/1/2021

Texas power outage deaths: Is cruelty and neglect our new energy policy?
Lew Milford and Shelley Robbins, The Hill, 6/28/2021

Five months into the Biden Administration: A whirlwind of federal action on offshore wind
Georgena Terry, Windpower Engineering & Development, 6/21/2021

No justification for proposed Peabody gas plant
Sarah Dooling, CommonWealth Magazine, 6/19/2021

Interview with Clean Energy Group’s Seth Mullendore
Elana Knopp, New Project Media Podcast, 5/26/2021

Growing Power Outages Pose Grave Threat To People Who Need Medical Equipment To Live
Charlotte Huff, NPR, 5/15/2021

Outages and outrages: The fossil fuel industry exploits blackout fears
Lew Milford and Abbe Ramanan, The Hill, 5/13/2021

Fossil Fuel Phase Out Must Begin Where the Industry Has Hurt People the Most
Leanna First-Arai, Truthout, 4/14/21

New York City’s most polluting fossil fuel plants can retire by 2030 thanks to renewables, storage
Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News, 3/19/2021

Retiring New York City’s peaker fleet could be the endgame for fossil fuels
Elana Knopp, New Project Media, 3/19/2021

A positive trend: U.S. offshore wind solicitations address equity
Georgena Terry, Windpower Engineering & Development, 3/18/2021

Environmental justice groups offer vision to shut New York City peakers
Marie J. French, Politico NY, 3/16/2021

In The Future, Your Home Could Have A Battery Backup
Michael Marks & Shelly Brisbin, The Texas Standard, 3/16/2021

Batteries Can Bring Clean Energy To Those Who Need It Most
Lew Milford, Our Daily Planet, 2/28/2021

A centralized grid is failing Texans. It’s time to reimagine the energy system
Marriele Mango and Seth Mullendore, The Hill, 2/26/2021

At New York City’s biggest power plant, a switch to clean energy will help a neighborhood breathe easier
Andrew Blum, Popular Science, 2/2/2021

2021 Outlook: Will hydrogen experience a breakthrough?
Emma Penrod, Utility Dive, 1/14/2021

Don’t Fall for the Hydrogen Hype
Eddie Bautista & Lewis Milford, Morning Consult, 1/5/2021

Hydrogen: 3 things to watch in 2021
David Iaconangelo, E&E News, 1/4/2021


Can Wall Street’s Heaviest Hitter Step Up to the Plate on Climate Change?
Bill McKibben, The New Yorker, 12/24/2020

Clean Energy Group Warns Of High NOx From Hydrogen Gas Combustion
David Clark, Inside EPA, 12/18/2020

Clean energy advocates seek moratorium on ‘hydrogen hype machine’
Garrett Hering and Tom DiChristopher, S&P Global Market Intelligence, 12/18/2020

Going Solar (Plus Storage): A Vermont Homeowner Shares Her Experience
Janice Ouellette, Green Energy Times, 11/23/2020

Study Finds Energy Storage Can Save Long Island Electric Customers $390 million over the Next Decade
NY-BEST Press Release, 10/28/2020

NYPA Teaming Up with Environmentalists to Transition Big Apple’s Natural Gas-Fired Peakers to Clean Energy
Kevin Dobbs, Natural Gas Intelligence, 10/20/2020

NYPA, Environmental Justice Groups to Work Together on Peaker Plant Replacements
Jeff St. John, Greentech Media, 10/14/2020

NYPA to consider swapping gas peakers for batteries in novel deal with environmental justice groups
Robert Walton, Utility Dive, 10/14/2020

New York state directs more capital to solar power for low-income communities
Remy Dhingra, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum, 9/16/2020

Where Investors See a Tax Savings, She Saw a Pathway to Clean Energy Equity Goals
Pari Kasotia, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum, 9/14/2020

Severe storms are increasingly leaving us without power. Microgrids can help.
Greta Moran, Popular Science, 8/31/2020

The Push To Turn NYC’s Polluting Peaker Plants Into Publicly-Owned Solar Power
Clarisa Diaz, The Gothamist, 7/7/2020

Why We Must Close Polluting Urban Power Plants
Seth Mullendore, U.S. News, 5/27/2020

Morning Brief: NYC replaces fossil plants with storage and renewables, solar boom stalls in Texas
Tim Sylvia and Eric Wesoff, PV Magazine, 5/13/2020

Replace NYC peakers with renewables+storage? Plant owners say they’re working on it
Robert Walton, Utility Dive, 5/12/2020

Why the time is right for FERC to issue a NOPR on peaking power plants
Seth Mullendore and Rao Konidena, Renewable Energy World, 5/12/2020

Gas peakers to renewable storage: The next climate fight?
David Iaconangelo, E&E News, 5/11/2020

These dirty power plants cost billions and only operate in summer. Can they be replaced?
Rachel Ramirez, Grist, 5/8/2020

NYC report calls for battery peakers, blasts payments for ‘archaic’ fossil fleet
Garrett Hering, S&P Global, 5/8/2020

New Jersey Regulators Urged to Include Microgrids, Storage in Efficiency Plan
Ethan Howland, Microgrid Knowledge, 4/24/2020

Microgrid Installed for Low-income Apartments, First for Washington DC
Ethan Howland, Microgrid Knowledge, 1/28/20

Kresge Foundation backs solar+storage for buildings with vulnerable residents
William Driscoll, PV Magazine, 1/16/2020


New Orleans is ready for resilient power
Andy Kowalczyk and Marriele Mango, The Lens

Powering In-Home Health Care in an Emergency
Emily Bruza, Homeland Security Digital Library Blog

Power Shutoffs:Playing with Fire
Denise Fairchild and Kim Evon, Energy Central

Ariz. battery fire stirs debate about lithium-ion safety
Carlos Anchondo, E&E News

Commentary: With Energy Freedom Act, South Carolina takes steps toward resilience
Shelley Robbins and Marriele Mango, Energy News Network

At Least 2.5 Million Home Health Patients Using Medical Equipment Vulnerable to Natural Disasters
Bailey Bryant, Home Health Care News

Trumping the President: The US States Forging a Path to a Decarbonized Future
Paul Crompton, Energy Storage Journal
June 2019

Patients using critical equipment at home need safety net during power outages
Healthcare Purchasing News

Public health officials call for Medicaid coverage of medical battery devices
Jacqueline Renfrow, Fierce Healthcare

Infirm risk losing life-sustaining machines as storms worsen
Daniel Cusick, EENews

Why Energy Storage Is So Vital for Healthcare
Nicholas Hamm, Managed Healthcare Executive

Resilient Power: A New Model for Grid Security
Lewis Milford and Samantha Donalds, Fletcher Security Review
May 2019

Can batteries reduce emissions? It depends on the grid
Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network

New report analyzes solar+storage effectiveness in storm-ravaged U.S. Southeast
Kelly Pickerel, Solar Power World

MA Includes Battery Storage in Statewide Energy Efficiency Plan
Anca Gagiuc, Commercial Property Executive

How Massachusetts is supporting energy storage (and how your state can too)
Chris Crowell, Solar Builder

States can grow battery resources with ‘one simple step,’ report finds
Robert Walton, Utility Dive

How Massachusetts Compensates Battery Storage Owners for Energy Efficiency: Report
Ken Silverstein, Microgrid Knowledge

Massachusetts sets precedent by making battery storage eligible for energy efficiency funding
Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World

Massachusetts creates nationwide precedent to reduce storage costs
Vermont Business Magazine

Peak time to take action
Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News

Massachusetts Becomes First in the Nation to Put Batteries into Efficiency Plan
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Barr Foundation Blog

Sunrun’s ISO New England Home Solar-Plus-Storage Forward Capacity Award Establishes a Distributed, Renewable Energy Landmark
Andrew Burger, Solar Magazine


As Hurricane Michael damages the Southeast, Puerto Rico provides lessons on resilient power
Lewis Milford, Brookings Institution – The Avenue

Tesla Energy is quietly setting its sights on peaker plants
Simon Alvarez, Teslarati

Distributed storage to yield $2-3 of grid savings for each dollar spent
William Driscoll, PV Magazine

A Solar Power & Energy Storage Revolution Is Upon Us
Jake Richardson, Clean Technica

Assess solar + storage’s value in terms of facility resilience
Chris Crowell, Solar Builder Mag

NREL Improves Tool For Solar-Plus-Storage Analysis
Betsy Lillian, Solar Industry Magazine

Product Announcement: REopt Lite’s Fresh Features Gauge Costs of Solar+Storage, Bypass Pricey Experts
Jennifer Hermes, Energy Manager Today

New Ownership and Financing Options for Solar+Storage in Low-Income Communities
Lew Milford and Rob Sanders, Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits
May 2018

Consider the economic benefits of solar+storage before the next storm hits
Kathie Zipp, Energy Storage Networks

Jumpstart: What Can Philanthropy Do to Advance Clean Energy With Battery Storage?
Laurie Mazur, Inside Philanthropy

NGOs Get Charged Up Over Batteries in Climate Fight
Jason Deign, Greentech Media

Clean Energy Group Releases New Report on Energy Storage
Dan McCue, Renewable Energy Magazine

Recharging the clean energy transition with battery storage
Lewis Milford, Brookings InstitutionThe Avenue

Battery storage to recharge clean energy transition
Michelle Froese, Windpower Engineering & Development

How to make solar+storage projects work for low-income communities
Rob Sanders and Lew Milford, GreenBiz

A Rising Foundation Looks to Historically Black Colleges as Clean Energy Leaders
Tate Williams, Inside Philanthropy

Owning the Benefits of Affordable Solar+Storage
Rob Sanders and Lew Milford, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

Valuing Resilience Can Change the Breakeven Point for Solar-Plus-Storage
Justin Gerdes, Greentech Media

Valuing resilience can make PV and energy storage systems economical, report says
Solar Business Hub

How solar owners’ post-hurricane demand for batteries could impact utilities
Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive

Resilience Matters: Transformative Thinking in a Year of Crisis
Laurie Mazur, Island Press
February 2018

Putting a Value on the Resilience of Energy Storage Systems
Emily Holbrook, Energy Manager Today

Savings from avoiding outages make solar+storage more economic
Kathie Zipp, Solar Power World

Trump’s Solar Tariff Leaves State Renewables Targets in Limbo
Bobby Magill, Bloomberg BNA

Making Customer Battery Storage Work for a Cleaner, Less Expensive Grid
Mike Henchen, RMI Outlet

Puerto Rico se vuelve solar
Pilar Sánchez Molina, PV Magazine – Edición Latinoamérica

Puerto Rico blackout sparks interest in solar power for island’s electric grid
Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner


Sterling Municipal Light honored for ‘Leading by Example’
The Worcester Telegram

DC Department of Energy and Environment Launches Nation’s First Multifamily Housing Resilience Tool to Support Preservation of Capital’s Affordable Housing Stock
Enterprise Community Partners

FERC Won’t Fall to Partisanship, Chatterjee Promises ISO-NE
Michael Kuser, RTO Insider

Baker Administration Awards $20m in Grants for Energy Storage
Jon Chesto, Boston Globe

Battery storage could save the US $4 billion by 2025
Climate Action

Solar Power for Public and Affordable Housing May Emerge
Beryl Ajwang, Clean Energy Finance Forum

California To Invest $1 Billion In Solar For Low-Income Housing Units
Nicole Caldwell, Green Matters

Iowa solar installer using storage to help customers avoid costly demand charges
Karen Uhlenhuth, Midwest Energy News

Battery Storage Holds Promise for US Commercial Market
Lucy Kessler, Clean Energy Finance Forum

Devastation in Puerto Rico could produce a revolutionary power grid
Lewis M. Milford and Mark Muro, Brookings Institution – The Avenue

US states reluctant to include energy storage in Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News

Battery puts Sterling in international spotlight
Jan Gottesman, Worcester Telegram

Customers in Most States Could Cut Energy Costs by Adding Battery Storage to Solar
Seth Mullendore, NREL’s Solar STAT Blog

Steps states can take to advance energy storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, PV Tech Power Magazine
September 2017

Energy storage could have significant impact on US businesses’ energy costs ‘in nearly every state’
Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News

NREL: 5 million commercial customers could benefit from BTM storage
Peter Maloney, Utility Dive

Five Million Commercial Customers Could Cut Costs with Energy Storage
Editors of Electric Light & Power/ POWERGRID International, Renewable Energy World

Wondering if Energy Storage Can Reduce Your Demand Charges?
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Batteries Can Cut Power Bills for 5 Million U.S. Businesses
Chris Martin, Bloomberg News

Financing For Solar Plus Storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Green Energy Times

Solar in tandem with battery storage gaining traction among utilities
Mark Jaffe, EUCI – Energize Weekly

A Senate panel speaks for sound clean energy policy — and rebukes Trump
Lewis M. Milford and Mark Muro, Brookings InstitutionThe Avenue

A Tool to Accelerate Energy Storage for Solar PV Projects
Lucy Kessler, Clean Energy Finance Forum

How One Small US Town Will Save Millions with a Microgrid
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Renewable Energy World  

Massachusetts Energy Storage Target Comes with Less Clout but More Money
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Massachusetts Bills Create New Opportunities for Microgrids, Non-Wires Alternatives
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Solar needs storage to benefit low-income apartments — study
Anne C. Mulkern, E&E News

The 2017 Grid Edge Awards: Projects Defining the Future Integrated, Interactive Electric Grid
Jeff St. John, Greentech Media

Opening the Door to Affordable Solar+Storage
Lucy Kessler, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

Solar Power With Storage for All? Philanthropy Can Help Make it Happen
Lewis Milford and Rob Sanders, Inside Philanthropy

Affordable Net Zero Housing — Everybody Wins
Alan Naditz, Green Builder

How to make solar+storage accessible for low-income communities
Chris Crowell, Solar Builder

Energy storage has ‘barely penetrated’ low-income neighborhoods
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Foundational Support can Help Low-Income Communities go Solar
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews

Solar+storage technologies hitting stride, need strategic grants and investments to reach low-income communities
The Kresge Foundation

What’s Next for Energy Storage Policy? Watch Massachusetts
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Mass. to set energy storage target
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Battery Storage Poised to Expand Rapidly
Daniel Cusick, Scientific American


The year battery storage turned the corner
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

1st Solar with Storage at A Zero Energy Rental Development
George Harvey, Green Energy Times

Net-zero affordable housing transforms a corner of Vt.
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Hybrid Approaches to Onsite Power
Chuck Ross, Net Zero Buildings

Wind and solar advocates make their case to Trump
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Zero-net, low-income homes offer glimpse of grid transformation
K Kaufmann, Smart Electric Power Alliance Blog

From Home Microgrid to Virtual Power Plant in Rural Vermont
Elisa Wood, Microgrid News

A Vital Piece of Our Clean Energy Future Ready for Primetime – Energy Storage
Meredith Hatfield, Barr Foundation Blog

Net-Zero Affordable Housing Opens in Vermont
Christine Serlin, Affordable Housing Finance

Low-Income, Net-Zero Energy Housing Projects in Vermont Benefit From Solar+Storage
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews

New Affordable and Efficient Housing Options in Addison County
Rene Thibault, ABC News – Local 22

Massachusetts town to build New England’s first utility-scale battery storage project
Robert Walton, Utility Dive

Mass. poised to join Calif. among clean energy elite
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Massachusetts Goes All-In on Energy Storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Renewable Energy World

Bringing Clean Energy to Multifamily Affordable Housing in California
Wayne Waite, Lewis Milford and Seth Mullendore, Renewable Energy World

Massachusetts to Offer $10-$20M in Energy Storage Grants this Fall
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Using Energy Storage to Improve Public Health in Disadvantaged Communities
Seth Mullendore, Microgrid Knowledge

A $1 billion plan to provide integrated solar energy for low-income renters
Central Valley Business Times

California Supports Solar Roofs for Multifamily Affordable Housing
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

What Solar + Energy Storage Can Do For Tenants and Owners of Affordable Housing
Laura Wisland, Union of Concerned Scientists Blog

85% Savings With Energy Storage In Affordable Housing
Jake Richardson, Clean Technica 

Report pushes ‘solar-plus-storage’
Rob Nikolewski, San Diego Union Tribune

How to get solar panels onto more affordable apartment buildings
Laurie Mazur, Grist

Solar & Storage Could Save Thousands For Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing
Joshua S. Hill, Planet Save

Boosting battery storage can lower utility bills — study
Daniel Cusick, ClimateWire

Energy storage ‘doubles savings’ from PV for California’s renting families
Andy Colthorpe, PV Tech

Energy Storage Could Break Low Income Rooftop Solar Bottleneck
Tina Casey, Clean Technica

Goodbye electric bills? Solar plus storage could make it happen
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Smart Grid News

Report: Storage can reduce multifamily housing solar project payback by three years
Chris Crowell, Solar Builder

Solar + Energy Storage Creates Major Economic Benefits for Renters in California
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews

How Adding Storage to Solar Could Reduce Electric Costs by up to 100% for Multi-Family Affordable Housing Renters and Property Owners
Jordan Decker, California’s Local Government Energy Efficiency Portal

News Brief: Renewable Energy Tax Credits
Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits

Efficiency, Solar and Storage Offer a Unique Opportunity to Bring Clean Energy to Affordable Housing
Wayne Waite and Lewis Milford, Greentech Media

As ITC extension promises growth, storage developers look to define position under tax code
Peter Maloney, Utility Dive

Solar+storage market opportunity: Bringing reliable power to at-risk communities
Seth Mullendore, Solar Power World

Is Solar+Storage the Next Big Trend in Affordable Housing?
Mark O’Meara, Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits


Clean Energy Microgrids, Storage, and Building Grid Resilience
Mike Jacobs, Union of Concerned Scientists Blog

First Report on Multifamily Solar with Storage Shows Positive ROI
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

Build Affordable Multifamily Housing That Can Weather the Next Superstorm
Lewis Milford, Next City

Coming soon to affordable housing: Solar-plus-storage?
Peter Maloney, Utility Dive

Energy Storage For All: Home Batteries Give Low-Income Customers Security
Anna Gretz, Swell Energy

Solar-Plus-Storage Could Be Perfect Fit for Low-Income Communities
Laura D’Alessandro, Public Power Daily

Energy Storage Now Moving to the Next Level
Henry Hewitt, Oil Price

PV Solar & Batteries Can Support Affordable Housing
Jake Richardson, Solar Love

Thinking Differently About Where to Deploy Solar-Plus-Storage
Stephen Lacey, Greentech Media

Solar+Storage will bring resiliency to communities
Lewis Milford, New York Real Estate Journal

How Solar+Storage Could Protect Affordable Housing from Power Outages – Interview with Lew Milford
Alt Energy Mag

Solar+Storage Can Offer Resiliency to Low-Income Customers, Not Just the Wealthy
Lewis Milford, Greentech Media

The Case for Solar+Storage as Valuable Protection for Vulnerable Residents
Chris Crowell, Solar Builder

Bridging the Clean Energy Divide
Lewis Milford, Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)

Report: Solar+Storage Can Increase Energy Resiliency in Affordable Housing
Mike Hower, Sustainable Brands

Thanks To Energy Storage, “Free” Rooftop Solar For Emergencies (CleanTechnica Exclusive Interview)
Tina Casey, Clean Technica

How Technology Could Keep the Lights on After the Next Superstorm
Lewis Milford, Governing

How solar power can make affordable housing more resilient
Laurie Mazur, Grist

Wide Adoption of Solar Storage Could Benefit Society and Industry, Supporters Say
Deirdra O’Regan, Morning Consult

Report: New Solar Technologies Make Economic Sense for Affordable Housing
Christine Serlin, Affordable Housing Finance

Solar combined with battery storage can help low-income housing
Daniel Cusick, ClimateWire

Solar+Storage Solutions Touted for Affordable Multifamily
Jeffrey Steele, Multi-Housing News

Reliability a powerful necessity
Lewis Milford, Times Union

US Falling Behind in Offshore Wind Power
Joshua S. Hill, CleanTechnica

Offshore Wind Stalls on East Coast, But Future Still Promising
Ethan Goffman, EarthTalk

How to Bend the Technology Arc to Bring Resilient Energy to those Most in Need
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Energy storage reaching a “tiny fraction” of its U.S. potential – report
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

UK offshore industry booming – before US even gets started
Jaclyn Brandt, Fierce Energy

How Can Communities Finance Microgrids for Public Safety?
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

Post-hurricanes, northeast turns toward resilient power
Jim Cummings, The Resilient Investor

Next for the Resilient Power Industry: How to Keep the Rest of Us Out of the Dark
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Resilient power programs arise from devastation
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Fierce Energy

States Are Making Progress In Their Efforts To Deploy Resilient Power Systems
SI Staff, Solar Industry

Wind power’s future depends on thinking smaller
Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe

BlackRock throws its weight behind impact investing
Imogen Rose-Smith, Institutional Investor

Financing Climate Resilience for Affordable Housing
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm to Start Construction This Summer
Zahra Hirji, Inside Climate News

The new roadmap for the revival of offshore wind
Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive

Cape Wind chief calls state energy legislation “promising”
Gintautas Dumcius, WWLP

As US Offshore Wind Power Sinks, Backers Seek Regional Rescue
Pete Danko, Breaking Energy

Offshore wind power sinks, sparks call for rescue
CNBC staff, CNBC

Current US Offshore Wind Policy Isn’t Working
Joshua S. Hill, Clean Technica

Offshore wind policy isn’t working and multi-state policies needed, says report
Nic Sharpley, Windpower Engineering & Development

Cape Wind a stark example that offshore wind policy is not working
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Fierce Energy

Report: Offshore Wind Policy Not Working
Joanna Schroeder, Domestic Fuel

Multi-State Coordination Needed to Revive U.S. Offshore Wind Industry- Report
Elizabeth Harball, E&E News

How about Microgrid Financing through Warehouse Credit?
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

Clean Energy Bond Investors Want a Full Buffet of Options
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum


Internship offers insight into efforts to transform energy distribution
Jillian Corley, Poughkeepsie Journal

Investors still have trouble understanding green bonds, but variety grows
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Financing the Next Generation of Resilient Power
Michael Puckett, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

Why Government Leaders Are on a Serious Quest to Build Microgrids
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

On the anniversary of Sandy, some cities work on more resilient power systems
Daniel Cusick, E&E News

Closing the energy gap with resilient power projects
Michelle Mapel, CODA Energy

Critical Facilities Would Be Protected From Power Outages by New Jersey Bank
Andrea Vittorio, Bloomberg Climate Blog

New Jersey creates the nation’s first Energy Resilience Bank
Robert Kropp, Green Biz

First microgrid reliant on solar to provide backup power for Vt. town
Katherine Ling, E&E News

US State Breaks Ground on a “Perfect” Solar + Storage Microgrid that Can Provide Resilient Power
Jennifer Runyon, Renewable Energy World

N.J. launches $200M bank to develop microgrids
Henry Gass, E&E News

New Jersey Home to First Energy Resilience Bank
Joanna Schroeder, Domestic Fuel

Amidst a Surge in Extreme Weather, Distributed Energy Takes On New Meaning for the US Grid
Stephen Lacey, Greentech Media

Community Organizers Press for Clean Power in the Inner City
Katherine Ling, E&E News

Resiliency: How Superstorm Sandy Changed America’s Grid
Stephen Lacey, Greentech Media

Awakening the Potential of Clean Energy Bonds
Kat Friedrich and Michael Puckett, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum

Troubled N.J. pilot project wins millions in federal funding
Elizabeth Harball, E&E News

Gaps linger between clean energy and bond market support
Elizabeth Harball, E&E News

Bonding for Clean Energy Progress
Lewis M. Milford and Mark Muro, Brookings Institution – The Avenue

Recommendations Made to Increase Bond Financings for Clean Energy Projects
Naomi Jagoda, Bond Buyer

Wind Resistance
Ellen Liberman, RI Monthly

Op-Ed: Weathering Climate Change
Cheryl Casciani, Baltimore Sun

DOE funds new push to coordinate states’ support for wind energy
Elizabeth Harball, E&E News

Solar and energy storage have key roles
Stuart Radnedge, Gas World

A blueprint for becoming more “power resilient”
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Fierce Energy

Nonprofit Group Says Solar, Energy Storage Can Protect Cities
Kelly Pickerel, Solar Builder


Southeast US needs to rethink policies for offshore wind to succeed, advocates say
Michael Copley, SNL

How Best Can We Use Natural Gas? Should We At All?
Amy Harder, National Journal

Can renewable energy standards be changed to protect against all-encompassing blackouts?
Christa Marshall, E&E News


Lobbyists try to halt state green energy standards
Ken Silverstein, Forbes

CDFA & CEG’s New Clean Energy + Bond Finance Initiative
Toby Rittner and Lew Milford, CDFA Development Finance Perspectives

What role should the state’s play in boosting the clean economy?
Matthew Stepp, The Energy Collective

States fire up renewable standards
Bill Opalka, Energy Biz

State Clean Energy Funds Provide Economic Development Punch
Lewis Milford and Mark Muro, Brookings Institution – The Avenue


Rethinking Clean Energy Innovation
Jim Witkin, New York Times

Innovation: Seeking a “Global Brain” to Help Speed Up Clean Energy Projects
Evan Lehmann, E&E News

Marketing Barriers Slow Adoption of Solar Power
Gina Roos, Environmental Leader


Lessons Learned from the Blackout
Lew Milford, New York Times