We recently reported that the New Jersey BPU, which announced awards to 13 resilient renewables+storage projects in its $3 million solicitation, is considering moving to a prescriptive rebate for the next round of funding.This month, NYSERDA announced $450,525,000 in new funding for commercial/industrial scale solar PV systems between 200 kW and 2 MW capacity. The NY-Sun Commercial/Industrial Incentive Program includes extra incentives for solar projects that include an energy storage component, so long as the system reduces energy-use intensity at the customer’s site by at least 15%. Projects located at “utility identified strategic locations” and including energy efficiency upgrades are eligible for additional incentives.Why is this important? Because competitive solicitations, necessary as they are to demonstrate new technology and applications, are simply not incredibly useful to developers who are trying to break into new markets and grow a portfolio. Longer-term, more depen... Read the Full Post »