The results of New Jersey’s Renewable Electric Storage Competitive Solicitation are in, and they are impressive.  With only $3 million to spend, the state Board of Public Utilities has announced awards to 13 solar+storage projects (one also uses a significant amount of wind generation) that will provide resilient power to critical facilities such as schools serving as emergency shelters and wastewater treatment plants.   The storage capacity of the projects ranges from 250 kW to 1.5 MW, and the hours of islanded operation range from 2 to 10. Total storage capacity to be installed is 8,750 kW. Significantly, every one of the 13 projects plans to sell frequency regulation services into the PJM interconnection. Given the success of the program (the first round was oversubscribed, with 22 applications seeking $4.6 million in incentives), The NJ BPU is already planning to double its investment to $6 million for a second round of funding, and is considering whether to continue the progra... Read the Full Post »