When considering critical infrastructure for resilient power solutions, states and cities often tend to focus on the usual suspects: public shelters, medical facilities, transportation hubs, fueling stations, first responders, emergency management facilities. Thinking a bit more outside the box, we might add water and wastewater treatment facilities and multi-family housing to the list. One type of facility that is often overlooked, perhaps because they are largely unseen, is cell towers. Typically sited in remote locations, these towers don’t require much electricity to function… but they do require some, and if their supply is cut off during a grid outage, having a place to charge your cell phone won’t do you much good. Supporting cell towers with distributed generation is not a new idea. Thousands of cell towers around the world run on diesel generators, usually because they are sited where there is no easy access to the electric grid. Fuel cells have also been used to provide... Read the Full Post »