With recent announcements from New York and New Jersey, we now have two emerging finance models to fund community level, climate resilient infrastructure. That’s good news, as we must raise billions of dollars in needed investments to shore up threatened public infrastructure and install cleaner resilient power technologies in critical facilities around the country. The models came from two levels of government – one state and one municipal. Both are leaders in resilient power planning and climate adaption: New York City and the State of New Jersey; and both were hammered by Superstorm Sandy. Last week, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer announced a truly significant advance in the area of financing for resilient infrastructure. Stringer released a multi-billion dollar “Green Bond Program for New York City” that is likely to become a model for the country. This announcement comes a few months after the state of New Jersey launched its New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank, a ... Read the Full Post »