The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) recently enlisted Clean Power Research (CPR) to create a methodology for valuing customer-sited behind-the-meter solar+storage systems in the state of Hawaii. The report detailing CPR’s findings, Valuation of Solar + Storage in Hawaii: Methodology, came out this month. Verdict: Yes, by their methodology, combining storage with solar adds value to a solar-only system in Hawaii. Limitations: The method only takes into account one aspect of solar+storage value – that of avoided utility capacity costs, which only represents part of the value of storage to a utility. The methodology does nothing to account for the many other benefits available to the utility customer who actually owns the system. That storage adds value to a solar system will come as no surprise to solar+storage advocates, and many doubters may dismiss the verdict as only applying to Hawaii, where solar penetration is high and electricity rates are by far the highest in the... Read the Full Post »