Investors in the United States increasingly want to invest in solutions to climate change. The good news is that investors have growing opportunities to make those investments, with clean energy bonds. In the first comprehensive study of U.S. institutional investors’ appetite for green bonds, Clean Energy Group and Croatan Institute, two national nonprofits, have released a report, What Investors Want: How to Scale-Up Demand for US Clean Energy and Green Bonds. This market has lacked a strong understanding of investor demand for clean energy and green bonds in the U.S. Without a clear sense of this demand, this market will not expand at the scale needed to finance badly needed climate and energy solutions. This study provides a blueprint for growing the market for fixed-income securities to finance clean energy projects and solve climate problems.   The report found that the U.S. market for fixed-income securities known as “green bonds” has become a robust and growing market. St... Read the Full Post »