The disappointing news that the Cape Wind Project might never be built highlights a stark conclusion: U.S. offshore wind policy isn’t working. After nearly fifteen years of planning, policy making, and contentious debate, the 430 MW wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod was dealt a sharp blow this past January when National Grid and Northeast Utilities terminated their power purchase agreements. Cape Wind was the first offshore wind project proposed in the U.S., and it was poised to be the first built. But now that bold vision for harnessing a robust no-carbon energy resource has been derailed. How can we prevent other offshore wind projects in the United States from going the way of Cape Wind? A report by Clean Energy Group and Navigant Consulting, Up in the Air: What the Northeast States Should Do Together on Offshore Wind, Before It’s Too Late, contends that the Cape Wind project’s difficulties serve to highlight a larger policy problem—it is almost impossible for any single s... Read the Full Post »