Offshore wind excitement is growing in the Northeast with the recent arrival of foundations for Deepwater Wind’s Block Island offshore wind farm. This ground-breaking, demonstration-scale project’s impacts are reverberating all the way to the Gulf Coast, where the specialized turbine foundations were constructed by Gulf Island Fabrication. Closer to home in Warren, RI, Blount Boats is building the nation’s first offshore wind farm crew vessel. And out at Quonset Business Park, Specialty Diving Services has been busy manufacturing ladders, platforms, and railings for the steel foundations. Overall, Deepwater Wind estimates that it will bring 330 jobs to Rhode Island.Other states are paying close attention to this project, keeping a close eye on costs and public reaction. International developers with expertise in offshore wind construction are also paying attention. Danish developer DONG Energy has purchased commercial leasing rights from RES Americas, Inc. for a large wind develo... Read the Full Post »