When it comes to reliable energy technologies to protect against power outages, there is a disparity between the haves and the have-nots. Call it “resilient power inequality.” Today, some of the most innovative energy technologies used to protect against power outages can be found in high-end private companies such as financial data centers and banks. They have the money to protect economic transactions from power outages and to invest in expensive technologies like fuel cells and fly wheels. They don't rely only on diesel generators to protect their critical electric loads in storms or severe weather events.In affordable housing, senior centers, and assisted-living facilities, it’s a different story. Ironically, where there is the greatest need to protect people from severe weather and power outages, the technologies used are usually second-best. You find outmoded diesel generators, or nothing at all, to protect the most vulnerable from the damaging effects of power outages. Whi... Read the Full Post »