Supporting Housing and Mobility with Resilient Power in Boulder

October 11, 2018 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

This webinar explored two new resilient power projects implemented in Boulder, Colorado. Over the past two years, the City of Boulder has been collaborating with stakeholders to strengthen the resilience of community facilities through deployment of solar and battery storage technologies. These innovative projects support critical operations at the City’s public housing authority headquarters, Boulder Housing Partners (BHP), and at the leading nonprofit mobility service provider in the Boulder area, Via Mobility Services.

BHP is the primary affordable housing provider in Boulder and its headquarters acts as a command post for thousands of low income residents, many of whom have increased vulnerability to power outages. BHP’s new solar+ storage system works in tandem with a small natural gas generator to allow services to continue at their headquarters in the event of an extended outage. The system also supports two EV charging stations, ensuring that electric transportation will be available in an emergency.

Via Mobility Services is a community second responder and provides transportation services through their bus and vehicle fleets to those in need throughout the community, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities. The facility’s resilient solar+storage system assures that critical IT loads never go offline, even if both gas and electricity become unavailable. The loads supported by this system are essential for Via to avoid major disruptions to their services.


  • Lex Telischak, Electrical Engineer, City of Boulder
  • Tim Beal, Director of Sustainable Communities, Boulder Housing Partners
  • Tony Boniface, President, Independent Power Systems
  • Bill Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, Via Mobility Services
  • Ben Gregory, Director of Business Development, Pos-En
  • Seth Mullendore, Vice President and Project Director, Clean Energy Group

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