Resilient Power Project Case Study – Maycroft Apartments Pepco Resiliency Center

November 22, 2019

Marriele Mango | Clean Energy Group

Jubilee Housing, a leading affordable housing and supportive services provider in Washington D.C., recognized the value resilience would bring to their residents and worked with partners to install solar and battery storage at the Maycroft Apartments complex. The resulting project, “The Resiliency Center powered by Pepco,” is the first of its kind in D.C. and demonstrates how solar paired with battery storage can reliably power critical services for affordable housing residents in the event of an outage, while also delivering economic benefits to low-income households. This case study includes technical and financial details, as well as lessons learned over the course of the project.

The resilient power installation highlighted in this case study was supported by Clean Energy Group’s Technical Assistance Fund.