Energy Storage and Offshore Wind: Unlocking a Critical Piece of the Clean Energy Puzzle  

March 15, 2024 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Energy storage pairs well with renewable energy, enhancing its reliability, stability and efficiency. Storage is frequently deployed with solar power, but pairing offshore wind and energy storage presents unique opportunities and challenges. Developing longer-duration energy storage paired with offshore wind will be increasingly important as coastal states transition away from fossil fuels toward a clean energy future. As the US builds more offshore wind resources, what role will energy storage play in optimizing the potential of this powerful clean energy source?  

In this webinar hosted by the Clean Energy States Alliance, panelists discussed the economic, technology, and policy considerations of pairing energy storage with offshore wind. Panelists also discussed a recent study conducted by E3 on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “Charging Forward: Energy Storage in a Net Zero Commonwealth,” which includes the finding that energy storage combined with offshore wind creates valuable effective capacity “diversity benefits.” 


  • Schuyler Matteson, Clean Energy Planning Lead, New York State Department of Public Service 
  • Liz Mettetal, Director, E3 
  • Tom Ferguson, Energy Storage Programs Manager, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
  • Sam Schacht, Project Manager, Clean Energy States Alliance
  • Todd Olinsky-Paul, Senior Project Director, Clean Energy States Alliance (moderator)