Clean Energy Group Response to RFI on Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Implementation Strategy
March 18, 2022 by Abbe Ramanan

Comments submitted in response to DOE’s RFI regarding the implementation and structure of a DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement to fund regional hydrogen hubs. This submission reflects several of CEG’s concerns with the H2Hub program.

Resilience Matters: Opportunities for Action to Strengthen Communities
March 1, 2022 by Abbe Ramanan, Laurie Mazur, Lew Milford, Seth Mullendore

This publication by the Island Press Urban Resilience Project is a compilation of articles, op-eds, and interviews celebrating our collective progress in 2021, while highlighting how far we have yet to go. Four of the seven articles in the Energy section were written by CEG staff.

Five Reasons to Be Concerned About Green Hydrogen
September 7, 2021 by Abbe Ramanan

While hydrogen might have a valid role to play in deep decarbonization of the heavy transport or industrial sectors, runaway plans to use it extensively in the power sector have the potential to jeopardize the health of environmental justice communities, not to mention renewable energy goals.

Comments in Response to the DOE Hydrogen Program Request for Information on the Viability of Hydrogen Demonstration and Deployment Projects
July 14, 2021 by Seth Mullendore

Clean Energy Group submitted a response to DOE’s request for information regarding potential hydrogen demonstration and deployment projects, raising concerns about the recent wave of support for “clean” hydrogen development. The response details multiple critical issues that have not been adequately addressed in the rush to portray hydrogen as an emissions-free solution for the energy sector.

Resilient Power Case Study Series: Fuel Cells for Resilient Power
October 1, 2015 by Sarah Galbraith

This case study series covers several examples of fuel cells used in resilient power systems.

What States Should Do: A Guide to Resilient Power Programs and Policy
June 18, 2015 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

This report profiles the leading state programs and makes recommendations for what other states can do to support the deployment of clean, resilient power systems. A summary for policymakers is also available.

What Cities Should Do: A Guide to Resilient Power Planning
March 13, 2015 by Lew Milford, Robert Sanders

This paper offers a series of guidelines and best practices for cities and towns to protect critical facilities with smarter resilient power solutions.

New Performance-based Standards for Standby Power: Reexamining Policies to Address Changing Power Needs
December 3, 2007 by Frank A. Felder

This paper notes that the advances in technology, the increase and changing needs for standby generation, and environmental concerns suggests a new look at standby generation codes and standards.

Integrating Fuel Cells and RPS Markets: Recommendations and Strategies for Advancing Fuel Cells, Distributed Generation and RPS Markets
June 5, 2006 by Cameron Brooks, Jurgen Weiss

This report examines opportunities for improving the incentives for stationary fuel cells in the context of existing RPS programs.

Hydrogen Energy Stations: Poly-Production of Electricity, Hydrogen, and Thermal Energy
May 1, 2006 by Cameron Brooks, Timothy Lipman

This report provides a review of the current status of “hydrogen energy stations” for combined production of electricity, hydrogen and thermal energy; a survey of notable energy station projects; and policy recommendations for advancing the potential of hydrogen energy stations as a source of clean fuel for stationary power and transportation applications.