Trends from 2008-2018 in electricity-dependent durable medical equipment rentals and sociodemographic disparities

February 1, 2021

Seth Mullendore, Marriele Mango, Joan A. Casey | Epidemiology

Duration and number of power outages have increased over time, partly fueled by climate change, putting users of electricity-dependent durable medical equipment (hereafter, “durable medical equipment”) at particular risk of adverse health outcomes. Given health disparities in the United States, this paper assesses trends in durable medical equipment rental prevalence and individual- and area-level sociodemographic inequalities.

Researchers observed some socioeconomic disparities among a growing electricity-dependent population. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that reliable electricity access is increasingly required to meet the health needs of medically disadvantaged groups.

Clean Energy Group’s Marriele Mango and Seth Mullendore were among the authors of this publication, alongside Joan A Casey, Mathew V Kiang, Diana Hernández, Bonnie H Li, Kris Li, Theresa M Im, and Sara Y Tartof.