Resilient Southeast: Exploring Opportunities for Solar+Storage in Five Cities

April 18, 2019

Seth Mullendore, Marriele Mango | Clean Energy Group

Resilient Southeast is a series of reports exploring the obstacles and opportunities for solar PV and battery storage to strengthen the resilience of communities throughout the Southeast. The series evaluates the current policy landscape and economic potential for solar and battery storage to provide clean, reliable backup power to critical facilities in five cities: Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; and Wilmington, NC. When the economic value of resilience is accounted for, solar+storage was proven to be a positive investment for all locations and building types examined.

The reports in this series are available at the links below.

A 2-page handout on the report series is available here.

Clean Energy Group partnered with Alliance for Affordable Energy, Catalyst Miami, Energy and Policy Institute, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Southern Environmental Law Center, Southface Institute, and Upstate Forever for this report series. The economic analysis was performed by The Greenlink Group. The work was supported by the New York Community Trust.