Clean Energy Group

Massive Climate Technology Innovation: A New Geometry of Complementary Strategies Post-2012

This paper describes a complementary “climate technology innovation process” that could be pursued to scale up existing low carbon technologies and create “breakthrough” disruptive technologies in many energy sectors, including renewables and CO2 capture and storage.

A New Geometry of Complementary Climate Technology Solutions: What the Heiligendamm G8 Summit Could Mean for a Post-2012 Climate Framework

This report reviews new commitments for climate technology measures from the Heiligendamm Summit Declaration that could structure a post-2012 framework for climate mitigation that could complement cap and trade strategies.

From Here to Stabilization: A Call for Massive Climate Technology Innovation

This report examines the need for low carbon technology innovation to achieve necessary reductions of greenhouse gas emissions for climate stabilization.

Integrating Fuel Cells and RPS Markets: Recommendations and Strategies for Advancing Fuel Cells, Distributed Generation and RPS Markets

This report examines opportunities for improving the incentives for stationary fuel cells in the context of existing RPS programs.

Hydrogen Energy Stations: Poly-Production of Electricity, Hydrogen, and Thermal Energy

This report provides a review of the current status of “hydrogen energy stations” for combined production of electricity, hydrogen and thermal energy; a survey of notable energy station projects; and policy recommendations for advancing the potential of hydrogen energy stations as a source of clean fuel for stationary power and transportation applications.

Renewable Hydrogen: Technology Review and Policy Recommendations for State Level Sustainable Energy Futures

This report provides a review of the current commercial and technical status of hydrogen production techniques, a survey of notable projects in the U.S., and policy recommendations for advancing the potential of hydrogen as a clean fuel for stationary power and transportation applications.

The Potential for Transatlantic Investment in Clean Technology – An Opportunity Assessment of the Clean Energy Sector

This report investigates ways of attracting investment capital into clean technology projects, and recommends initiatives that could foster the development of a network of sympathetic and informed investors and policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Global Clean Energy Markets: The Strategic Role of Public Investment and Innovation

This report examines the role of public investment and technology innovation to build global clean energy markets. A shift to clean energy technology is needed to address growing environmental, economic and energy problems of the 21st century.

Distributed Power Generation for Homeland Security: Proposal for a New Federal and State Partnership

This report concludes that if the U.S. is to meet the challenge posed by the vulnerability of our energy systems, a new appeal to energy security is needed.

Clean Energy Initiative: A Report on How Foundations, State Funds, and Social Investors Could Pursue Joint Investments

Clean Energy Group, E+Co and The Reinvestment Fund undertook a survey to gauge foundation and fund interest in joint investment opportunities in clean energy. This report summarizes results of the survey, and proposes a collaboration of state funds, foundations, and social investors to explore joint clean energy investments as well as other related opportunities.