In December 2018, Clean Energy Group helped organize and participated in a convening of environmental justice organizations, advocates, policy makers, and industry that was led by Union of Concerned Scientists. One of the goals of the State Policy Development for Equitable Storage Deployment convening was to produce a consensus document of governing principles for the design of equitable energy storage policies, signed by Clean Energy Group and 25 participating organizations from across the country.

The principles include:

• Reducing emissions
• Improving resilience
• Promoting local economic development
• Accelerating greater levels of renewable energy deployment
• Protecting consumers
• Ensuring participation

Together, these principles can help state policymakers and advocates focus on solutions that ensure that the growth of energy storage improves all communities.

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Author(s): Union of Concerned Scientists
Published By: Union of Concerned Scientists
Date: 05/08/2019
Project: Energy Storage Policy, Resilient Power Project
Type: Third-Party Publication
Technologies: Energy Storage