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    Effective energy storage solutions can provide the flexibility not only to improve our current electric power system but to completely re-envision how power is produced and delivered in support of achieving national and the international climate goals.

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Clean Energy Group is actively engaged in establishing a state policy platform for the advancement of energy storage markets and deployment of energy storage solutions to advance economic, environmental, and public health goals.

The next wave of America’s clean energy revolution will be built on a foundation of energy storage. This is particularly true in light of the current environment of dwindling federal support for clean energy, and pushback against renewable-enabling programs such as net metering and federal tax credits. Now, more than ever, states need to focus on how to scale up clean energy using economic and business strategies, supported a strong policy strategy.

Increasingly, the fate of clean energy development will depend on the success of energy storage. States on the forefront of clean energy, such as Hawaii and California, are already grappling with the difficulties that come with relying on existing infrastructure to incorporate higher and higher levels of intermittent, distributed energy sources. Energy storage will be a key component to any grid modernization strategy, enabling the electric power system to become more efficient and reliable and facilitating the transition towards more renewable generation.

This project works to help translate that potential into new energy storage market opportunities. The project is designed to build a state-level platform that establishes the foundation for developing effective energy storage policies and programs across the country. The need for this approach is clear in this early market stage of energy storage.

Despite the many benefits of energy storage, there are numerous barriers inhibiting greater technology adoption, including information gaps about technology options, costs, safety, potential benefits, and market barriers; an absence of coordinated state and federal policies and program to achieve cost reductions and encourage market uptake; and a lack of constancy across available incentives, financing options, and business models. In fact, the state of the energy storage market and policy landscape is comparable to where the solar industry was about ten years ago, and, while solar and storage are different technologies, the policy trajectory that helped the solar industry reach more than one million installations could also inform how to scale-up energy storage markets.

To address key gaps in energy storage knowledge, policy, and market development, Clean Energy Group’s state energy storage project works closely with states to scale-up energy storage markets by advancing state policy, exploring new use cases and innovative business models, analyzing market opportunities, supporting demonstration projects, and expanding energy equity through the deployment of storage in disadvantaged communities. Through research and engagement with diverse stakeholders, the project is working to develop a coherent advocacy strategy for state storage policies and the NGO community, identify market barriers and solutions, and advance new economic opportunities.

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For more information about the way energy storage provides resiliency benefits, visit our Resilient Power Project page.

For more information and resources related to state efforts to promote energy storage, visit the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) website. ESTAP is managed by the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), a project of Clean Energy Group.

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