CT DEEP Contemplates Microgrid Program Revisions
December 22, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

Last month, Clean Energy States Alliance awarded a State Leadership in Clean Energy (SLICE) award to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) for its groundbreaking resilient power microgrids grant and loan program.

Clean Energy Bonds: Let’s Take Away the Market for Fossil Fuel Investment
December 9, 2014 by Lewis Milford

Investors in the United States increasingly want to invest in solutions to climate change. The good news is that investors have growing opportunities to make those investments, with clean energy bonds.

Outstanding Clean Energy Programs from States and Municipalities – What’s Working and Why
November 24, 2014 by Maria Blais Costello

The eight recipients of the 2014 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards exemplify the ground-breaking work being done by states and municipalities in the arena of clean energy development and deployment.

Walmart + SolarCity = Solar + Storage
November 24, 2014 by Seth Mullendore

What do you get when the largest retailer in the US decides to partner with the biggest rooftop solar developer in the country? A lot more solar energy and some solar + storage too.

State Leadership in Clean Energy: Innovation from Coast to Coast
November 19, 2014 by Clean Energy Group

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), a national, nonprofit coalition of public agencies working together to advance clean energy, has announced the recipients of the 2014 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards.

State Efforts at Grid Modernization
November 14, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

Over the past year, we have seen a number of states initiate resilient power and microgrid initiatives. But in addition, a few states have begun a process of revisioning their electric grids.

How to Finance Resilient Power: Emerging Models Post-Sandy
October 30, 2014 by Lewis Milford

It’s been two years since Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast. It knocked out electric grids and left millions of people to suffer for weeks without power in public housing, senior centers, hospitals and shelters.

New York City: Power Stations in Flood Plain
October 17, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

According to a report from the New York City Resiliency Initiative, 88% of the city’s steam generating capacity, 53% of the in-city electric generation capacity, 37% of transmission substation capacity, and 12% of large distribution substation capacity currently lie within the 100-year floodplain.

Massachusetts DOER awards $7.4 million to critical infrastructure resilient power projects
October 10, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and the Patrick administration have awarded $7.4 million to six municipal-led resilient power projects that will support critical infrastructure and services during natural disasters and other emergencies.

Emerging Finance Models for Resilient Infrastructure
September 29, 2014 by Lewis Milford

With recent announcements from New York and New Jersey, we now have two emerging finance models to fund community level, climate resilient infrastructure.