Debt Deal Puts States Back in the Clean Energy Driver’s Seat
August 2, 2011 by Lewis Milford

The recent debt ceiling deal announced this week means two things for clean energy. One, forget Washington as a source of significant new funding and programs for a long time. Two, look once again to the states to keep momentum on clean energy alive.

Clean energy jobs are growing much faster than the rest of the economy; state policies are at the center of that growth
July 20, 2011 by Jessica Morey, Lewis Milford

Last week, our friends at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program released an important report assessing the size and growth of the clean economy, “Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment.”

Offshore Wind and Economic Development: How Utility Law Could Help
July 18, 2011 by Lewis Milford

It is hard to imagine a new angle on the beleaguered Cape Wind project. Everything from its rich opponents, to the Kennedys, to the local Indian tribes has been the subject of endless news stories.

Lighting Africa: A model that should be replicated in other clean energy technologies
July 11, 2011 by Jessica Morey, Lewis Milford

Lighting Africa, a joint International Finance Corporation-World Bank initiative, is demonstrating the successful application of new innovation systems approaches to one of the most persistent energy access issues in the developing world: off-grid lighting.

Extreme Weather and Power Outages: Distributed Clean Power Can Meet Emergency Needs
July 6, 2011 by Jessica Morey, Lewis Milford

The tornadoes in the South and Midwest this spring, the recent unprecedented fires in the Southwest and the floods across the country once again showed how fragile our electric grid is and how dependent we are on it for our basic services.

Is the Fuel Cell Roller Coaster Heading Up or Down?
June 22, 2011 by Warren Leon

Few clean energy technologies have seen sharper swings in their perceived appeal and popularity than fuel cells.

Google’s Clean Energy Tax Strategy: Other Companies Should Follow Suit
June 15, 2011 by Lewis Milford

The latest Google foray into clean energy could hold lessons for many other companies interested in clean energy investment.

ARPA-E Needs Customers for its Clean Energy Breakthroughs
June 7, 2011 by Lewis Milford

The Administration rightly has asked for increased funding for the DOE venture like funding of ARPA-E- though the House budget decreases ARPA-E funding.

States and Clean Energy Economic Development
May 25, 2011 by Lewis Milford

For the last decade, clean energy projects like wind, solar, and biomass have proliferated across the United States.

Turning Climate Tech Transfer on its Head
May 11, 2011 by Jessica Morey, Lewis Milford

This week we released a new report on global climate innovation – the lessons learned from global innovation initiatives in other areas to create new directions for climate technology innovation, especially in developing countries.