Resilient San Francisco: How to Develop a Citywide Solar+Storage Disaster Plan

March 7, 2016 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Like many cities across the country, San Francisco is working to develop more comprehensive disaster response plans to help prepare for emergencies. As part of its efforts to increase community resilience, the City and County of San Francisco are in the process of developing solar+storage solutions to provide resilient power during grid outages. This process will be implemented through the creations of resilient “disaster preparedness zones.”

This webinar features a presentation by the project’s lead technical engineer, Russell Carr. The webinar gives an overview of the project and dive into the details of the progress so far, including: (1) An interactive map to identify critical facilities throughout the city and select sites that are good candidates for resilient solar+storage systems; (2) Methodology for assessing a facility’s critical load profile; and (3) Web-based tools to design a solar+storage system based on a critical load profile.

Guest speakers:

  • Russel Carr, Electrical Engineer, Arup
  • Kacia Brockman, Renewable Energy Coordinator, San Francisco Department of the Environment