Cutting Demand Charges with Battery Storage

June 5, 2018 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

As the cost of batteries have dropped dramatically over the past few years, more and more commercial building owners and energy managers have begun exploring the role of storage in reducing demand-related electricity expenses, known as demand charges. Despite this growing interest, the deployment of batteries to tackle demand charges has only taken off in a few select markets, and most people are  still largely unfamiliar with what these projects actually look like in the real world.

This webinar aims to fill some of these knowledge gaps by addressing questions such as:

  • Do batteries make sense for my building and location?
  • What size batteries are being installed for demand charge management?
  • How do potential demand savings compare to system costs and maintenance?
  • How are financing and third-party agreements for demand management structured?

To answer these questions, Clean Energy Group was joined by Stephen Kelley, senior vice president of sales for ENGIE Storage (formerly Green Charge). ENGIE Storage is one of the country’s leading distributed energy storage companies, designing, deploying, and operating customer-sited battery storage systems since 2009.