Resilience Matters: Opportunities for Action to Strengthen Communities

March 1, 2022

Abbe Ramanan, Laurie Mazur, Seth Mullendore, Lew Milford | Island Press

A new e-book by the Island Press Urban Resilience Project compiles articles, op-eds, and interviews celebrating our collective progress in 2021, while highlighting how far we have yet to go. It features groundbreaking pieces written by environmental thought leaders and activists.

Clean Energy Group is honored to have four articles included in the Energy section of the book that were authored by members of our staff:

  • Outages and Outrages: The Fossil Fuel Industry Exploits Blackout Fears
  • Don’t Fall for the Hydrogen Hype
  • Batteries Can Bring Clean Energy to Those Who Need It Most
  • We Don’t Have Time for Another Fossil Fuel Bridge