Comments in Response to the DOE Hydrogen Program Request for Information on the Viability of Hydrogen Demonstration and Deployment Projects

July 14, 2021

Seth Mullendore | Clean Energy Group

Clean Energy Group submitted a response to DOE’s request for information (RFI) regarding potential hydrogen demonstration and deployment projects, raising concerns about the recent wave of support for “clean” hydrogen development. The response details multiple critical issues that have not been adequately addressed in the rush to portray hydrogen as an emissions-free solution for the energy sector. These issues include high levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions resulting from the combustion of hydrogen, new pressures on already strained water resources, massive required investments in pipeline and gas storage infrastructure, and the inefficiencies involved in the production of green hydrogen and conversion back to energy through combustion, which could divert renewables from directly offsetting fossil-fuel power plant emissions. While CEG submitted comments to the RFI on its own behalf, the concerns raised in the response are shared by many of the environmental justice and community-based partners we collaborate with through our work. These groups represent the communities most likely to be disproportionately harmed by the potential negative impacts of over-reliance on hydrogen as a low-carbon energy solution.