A Possible Turning Point for Climate Change Solutions: How Innovations in Investment, Technology and Policy Are Needed for Emissions Stabilization
December 22, 2005 by Clean Energy Group, Heinrich Böll Foundation

The aim of this white paper is to highlight the significant opportunities to develop a technology-based approach to complement the target-based Kyoto process.

Public Finance Mechanisms to Catalyze Sustainable Energy Sector Growth
December 2, 2005 by Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE), Clean Energy Group

This report traces the investment stages of sustainable energy technology innovation and project development and highlights how public mechanisms can help address the financing barriers that hinder capital formation in this sector.

Energy Security and Emergency Preparedness: How Clean Energy Can Deliver More Reliable Power for Critical Infrastructure and Emergency Response Missions
October 7, 2005 by Clean Energy Group

This report provides an overview for federal, state, and local officials on how clean energy can deliver reliable power in emergencies.

The Potential for Transatlantic Investment in Clean Technology – An Opportunity Assessment of the Clean Energy Sector
March 4, 2005 by Cameron Brooks, Ken Locklin, Lew Milford

This report investigates ways of attracting investment capital into clean technology projects, and recommends initiatives that could foster the development of a network of sympathetic and informed investors and policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic.