Clean Energy for Resilient Communities: Expanding Solar Generation in Baltimore’s Low-Income Neighborhoods
February 12, 2014 by Lew Milford, Robert Sanders

In the first blueprint of how a city could become more “power resilient,” this report shows how Baltimore and other cities could use clean energy to create a more reliable electric system that protects vulnerable citizens during power blackouts.

Reduce Risk, Increase Clean Energy: How States and Cities are Using Old Finance Tools to Scale Up a New Industry
August 8, 2013 by Lew Milford, Robert Sanders, Toby Rittner

This paper identifies several financing strategies at the state and municipal level that can be adapted and implemented to accelerate the clean energy finance revolution in other states and cities, and at the federal level.

Clean Energy and Bond Finance Initiative: An Action Plan to Access Capital Markets
August 1, 2012 by Lew Milford, Robert Sanders, Toby Rittner

The objective of the Clean Energy + Bond Finance Initiative (CE+BFI) is to define and implement a new role for development finance in clean energy federalism, a potential game changer for scaling up clean energy capital in the country.

Clean Energy Initiative: A Report on How Foundations, State Funds, and Social Investors Could Pursue Joint Investments
July 11, 2003 by Lew Milford, Philip LaRocco, Robert Sanders

Clean Energy Group, E+Co and The Reinvestment Fund undertook a survey to gauge foundation and fund interest in joint investment opportunities in clean energy. This report summarizes results of the survey, and proposes a collaboration of state funds, foundations, and social investors to explore joint clean energy investments as well as other related opportunities.