Applied Economics Clinic

Distributed Energy Storage: The Missing Piece in North Carolina’s Decarbonization Efforts

This report aims to give policymakers and advocates the information they need to encourage the inclusion of distributed storage policy in the state’s carbon reduction plans.

The Interconnection Bottleneck: Why Most Energy Storage Projects Never Get Built

This report investigates the barriers to more effective and efficient interconnection of distributed energy storage resources.

Energy Storage Benefit-Cost Analysis: A Framework for State Energy Programs

This report is intended as a guide for state energy agencies preparing to conduct cost-effectiveness evaluation for battery storage. It presents a benefit-cost analysis framework for battery storage and attempts to address many of the uncertainties state energy agencies may encounter.

Energy Storage for Winter Grid Reliability: How Batteries Became the Low-Cost Solution for Power Assurance in Massachusetts

Winter electric peaking capacity services are currently undervalued in the Massachusetts programs that provide battery customers with performance payments to supply power back to the grid at times of high demand.

ConnectedSolutions: An Assessment for Massachusetts

This report assesses the design and performance of the Massachusetts ConnectedSolutions program, as it has been administered in the first three-year program cycle, and compares it with related programs in other states across the country.

Massachusetts Battery Storage Measures: Benefits and Costs

This white paper, commissioned by Clean Energy Group, demonstrates that battery storage can be deployed as a cost effective energy efficiency technology, potentially qualifying for incentives through energy efficiency programs in many states.