Northeast Wind Resource Center (NWRC)

Northeast Wind Resource Center (NWRC)

NWRC, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and managed by Clean Energy Group, is the regional epicenter for salient, unbiased information on land-based and offshore wind energy in the Northeast.

The Northeast Wind Resource Center (NWRC) seeks to provide credible information, targeted outreach, and direct engagement with stakeholders and decision makers about wind energy deployment in the northeast. The NWRC spans both offshore and land-based wind energy development at the commercial and community scale through interstate cooperation, information sharing, education, stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer, and community dialogue.  Clean Energy Group leads the offshore wind work.  Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC (SEA) leads the land-based wind work, and the Maine Ocean and Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII) serves as a key liaison between the project and the wind industry.

The project is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.  Detailed information and resources related to the NWRC are located at:

NWRC Mission and Background

NWRC builds on a strong foundation of policies at the state level, extensive networks of stakeholders interested in wind energy, and important prior stakeholder engagement and educational activities, including the New England Wind Energy Education Project, the Offshore Wind Accelerator Project, and the New England Wind Forum. Aggressive state policies driving demand for renewable energy generation require the development of appropriately-sited wind, which faces challenges that include public acceptance and high costs, to name a few.  NWRC collects and presents information on issues impacting public acceptance to help local, state, and regional decision makers reach well-informed, fact-based decisions regarding appropriately sited wind projects.  It also brings the expertise and knowledge from experienced offshore wind European policy makers, financiers, and developers.

Land-based Program

The NWRC’s land-based wind activities aim to meet the needs of the broad stakeholder community for credible information, studies, best practices, and technical analyses around issues impacting public acceptance.  The NWRC’s land-based program:

  • Engages an active, broad-based Partner Network to ensure the Center’s priorities and approach supports and facilitates constructive stakeholder engagement;
  • Provides the broader stakeholder community with a web-based clearinghouse of published research, studies, and analyses associated with the variety of issues impacting public acceptance of wind deployment; and
  • Implements a targeted, efficient system of delivering and exchanging information on priority issues to state, county, and local decision-makers, their constituents and the media through webinars, workshops, training, guidance, and other publications.
  • Produces a monthly Northeast Land-Based Wind Newsletter, which reports on news and describe resources, activities, and upcoming events. Sign up and read past newsletters here.

Offshore Program

Please visit our Offshore Wind Accelerator Project page for more information about our offshore activities.


Published research, studies, and analyses associated with the issues impacting public acceptance of wind deployment are available in the NWRC Resource Library.

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