Dana Drugmand is a Summer Research Assistant with the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA).

Advancing Clean Energy: 15 Years of State Leadership
August 15, 2017 by Dana Drugmand

As the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) celebrates its 15th anniversary, Clean Energy Group looks back on the founding and early years of this important organization.

The Offshore Wind Hub: A Comprehensive Resource for State and Federal Offshore Wind Documents
July 26, 2017 by Dana Drugmand

As the offshore wind industry looks to take off in the US, the Offshore Wind Hub promises to be a useful tool.

Five Ways States Are Accelerating Renewable Energy
July 7, 2017 by Dana Drugmand

Many of the initiatives to move our energy system towards clean, renewable power emanate from the state and local levels.

Advancing Clean Energy at the State Level – An Imperative
June 10, 2017 by Dana Drugmand

Now more than ever, policies and programs to promote sustainable energy resources will come from the state level.