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RPS Webinar: Overview of Regional Tracking Systems

This webinar, hosted by CESA for members of the State-Federal RPS Collaborative, will focus on the regional tracking systems that are used to track renewable energy certificates and renewable energy use for RPSs. It will cover the role of a tracking system, who is responsible for the policies and procedures at a tracking system, a tracking system’s relationship to its stakeholders, and the limitations on what a tracking system does and does not do.

CESA Webinar: Smart Grid, Grid Integration, Storage and Renewable Energy

How will the smart grid and smart meters, demand response, and energy storage affect the deployment of intermittent renewable energy? Our guest experts will answer these questions, and discuss the latest developments in these technologies, in this webinar. Speakers include Tom Stepien, CEO of Primus Power, and Ron Dizy, President and CEO ENBALA Power Network.