What Investors Want: How to Scale-Up Demand for US Clean Energy and Green Bonds
December 9, 2014 by Joshua Humphreys, Robert Sanders

Clean Energy Group and Croatan Institute have released the first comprehensive study of U.S. institutional investors’ appetite for green bonds.

Resilient Power Case Study: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment Microgrids Program
November 26, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

This case study presents the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment (CTDEEP)’s Microgrid Program.

CESA State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards: Outstanding Programs Found Here
November 19, 2014 by Clean Energy States Alliance

A collection of case studies of the 2014 State Leadership in Clean Energy award-winning programs from state and municipal clean energy development funds from around the country.

Resilient Power Case Study: Maryland Game Changer Award Program
November 19, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

This case study profiles the Maryland Game Changer Award Program and the Konterra solar + storage microgrid that the award program helped to fund.

Resilient Power Case Study: Massachusetts Community Clean Energy Resiliency Awards
November 17, 2014 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

This case study presents the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MassDOER)’s Community Clean Energy Resiliency Awards.

Financing for Clean, Resilient Power Solutions
October 30, 2014 by Robert Sanders

This paper describes financing tools that can be used to implement projects and that will attract private capital on highly favorable terms, thereby reducing the cost of solar and resilient power installations.

Resilient Power: Evolution of a New Clean Energy Strategy to Meet Severe Weather Threats
September 18, 2014 by Clean Energy Group

This paper outlines the dangers that power outages can pose to our most vulnerable populations, the failures of traditional backup power sources, and the opportunities to develop distributed energy systems with clean and dependable energy technologies.

CE+BFI Releases Financing Model Document on Qualified 501(c)(3) Bonds
May 20, 2014 by Lew Milford, Toby Rittner

CE+BFI examines Qualified 501(c)(3) bonds as a mechanism for communities with 501(c)(3) organizations seeking to undertake significant clean energy projects.

Clean Energy Finance through the Bond Market: A New Option for Progress
April 16, 2014 by Devashree Saha, Lew Milford, Mark Muro, Robert Sanders, Toby Rittner

Clean Energy Group, the Brookings Institution and the Council of Development Finance Agencies have just released a new paper on a powerful but underutilized tool for future clean energy investment: state and local bond finance.

Clean Energy for Resilient Communities: Expanding Solar Generation in Baltimore’s Low-Income Neighborhoods
February 12, 2014 by Lew Milford, Robert Sanders

In the first blueprint of how a city could become more “power resilient,” this report shows how Baltimore and other cities could use clean energy to create a more reliable electric system that protects vulnerable citizens during power blackouts.