Using State RPSs to Promote Resilient Power at Critical Infrastructure Facilities
June 3, 2013 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

By adopting appropriate incentives, definitions and safeguards, states could use their existing RPSs to support increased energy resiliency at critical facilities, while simultaneously promoting the increased deployment of clean energy resources.

Leveraging State Clean Energy Funds for Economic Development
January 12, 2012 by Devashree Saha, Lew Milford, Mark Muro, Mark Sinclair

State clean energy funds have emerged as effective tools that states can use to accelerate the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Clean Energy State Program Guide – Mainstreaming Solar Electricity: Strategies for States to Build Local Markets
April 7, 2008 by Clean Energy Group, Peregrine Energy Group

This report describes the key policies and program strategies that have emerged as effective tools for states to advance wide-spread solar deployment.

Strategies to Foster Solar Energy & Advanced Efficiency Housing in Affordable Multi-Family Homes
February 1, 2006 by Clean Energy Group, Peregrine Energy Group

This report provides states with targeted strategies for implementing a program to support and encourage the application of solar PV systems in the development of affordable, multi-family homes.

Green Buildings: The Expanding Role of State Clean Energy Funds
September 1, 2003 by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This case study examines the efforts of several state renewable energy funds to promote renewable energy use in green buildings.