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ConnectedSolutions: An Assessment for Massachusetts

September 2021

This report assesses the design and performance of the Massachusetts ConnectedSolutions program, as it has been administered in the first three-year program cycle, and compares it with related programs in other states across the country.

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Energy Storage Policy Best Practices from New England: Ten Lessons from Six States

August 2021

This report explores energy storage policy best practices and lessons learned from the New England states. It aims to inform state policymakers and regulators seeking to expand energy storage markets.

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Overcoming Barriers to Solar+Storage in Critical Facilities Serving Low-Income Communities: A Survey of Service Providers

April 2021

Clean Energy Group conducted a survey to assess market barriers for solar+storage at critical facilities serving low-income communities. This report summarizes the survey results and suggests actions to bring the benefits of solar+storage to the people who need it most.

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ConnectedSolutions: The New Economics of Solar+Storage for Affordable Housing in Massachusetts

February 2021

An analysis of multifamily affordable housing properties in Massachusetts finds that participation in the state’s new battery storage incentive program, called ConnectedSolutions, significantly improves the financial viability of solar+storage at affordable housing developments.

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ConnectedSolutions: A New State Funding Mechanism to Make Battery Storage Accessible to All

February 2021

This report aims to inform state policymakers about the structure and benefits of the ConnectedSolution battery storage program model. It summarizes barriers to scaling up distributed battery storage, explains how the ConnectedSolutions program was developed in the Northeast, and discusses why the program has been successful.

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Understanding Solar+Storage: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Solar PV and Battery Storage

October 2020

This guide addresses commonly asked questions about solar PV and battery storage (solar+storage) technologies. It is based on the results of a survey identifying the most common knowledge gaps around solar and energy storage.

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Home Health Care in the Dark: Why Climate, Wildfires and Other Risks Call for New Resilient Energy Storage Solutions to Protect Medically Vulnerable Households From Power Outages

June 2019

This report examines the risks associated with power outages for individuals reliant on electricity for in-home medical and mobility equipment. Current energy security technologies and policies will need to adjust to meet the needs of the home health care community.

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Resilient Southeast: Exploring Opportunities for Solar+Storage in Five Cities

April 2019

The series evaluates the current policy landscape and economic potential for solar and battery storage to provide clean, reliable backup power to critical facilities in five cities: Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; and Wilmington, NC.

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