States Seek Resilient Power Solutions

A new report, just out from the U.S. Department of Energy, explores the vulnerability of U.S. energy systems to extreme weather events associated with climate change.

Resilient Power – A New Business Case for Clean Energy

For years, people have put solar panels on their roofs -- and states have helped fund them -- to clean up the environment. Now, after Hurricane Sandy and the real threat of more severe storms, there's another reason for solar: keeping the lights on.

Sandy’s Power Outages: We Can, And Should, Do Better

I’m looking in disbelief at images of Sandy’s destruction in New York and New Jersey. I grew up near the Jersey Shore, so this is personal. It’s bad up there: lines for rationed gasoline, homes and businesses destroyed, and millions of people still without electricity.

Power Outages and Natural Disasters: Which Ones are Avoidable?

Another storm and millions lose power. It’s a familiar story, in this era of more severe and unusual weather events.

Extreme Weather and Power Outages: Distributed Clean Power Can Meet Emergency Needs

The tornadoes in the South and Midwest this spring, the recent unprecedented fires in the Southwest and the floods across the country once again showed how fragile our electric grid is and how dependent we are on it for our basic services.