New Report Highlights Atlantic Coast as Ideal Home Base for U.S. Offshore Wind Industry

A new report argues that the United States can enact a long-term strategy to achieve climate stability, economic prosperity, and energy security by using the unique assets of each region of the country and choosing smart places for investment in multiple forms of energy and fuel.

Bond Financing for Offshore Wind: A Smart Strategy for State Governments

Offshore wind projects have the potential to provide enormous economic and energy benefits, but their initial high capital costs are frequently cited by opponents as a reason to not pursue them.

Report: “Aggregated Procurement” Could Reduce Costs of Offshore Wind Energy

A new analysis shows that “aggregated procurement”—or purchases of large amounts of offshore wind energy by a buyers network—could substantially lower its costs.

Offshore Wind and Economic Development: How Utility Law Could Help

It is hard to imagine a new angle on the beleaguered Cape Wind project. Everything from its rich opponents, to the Kennedys, to the local Indian tribes has been the subject of endless news stories.
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