The Myths about Government that Kill Innovation

There is a steady drumbeat of statements arguing for limited government: Government should not pick winners.
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Clean Energy Finance Through the Bond Market: A New Option to Finance Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

The IPCC climate report issued this week is tough reading. It suggests we are far from deploying clean energy technologies at the scale needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid catastrophic impacts.

UK Green Investment Bank invests for the first time in offshore wind projects during the construction phase

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) today announced it will make two unprecedented equity investments in the UK offshore wind sector.

Natural Gas Loses to Solar on Costs, A First

For those who already think natural gas will win out over renewable power, a judge has said, not so fast.

Getting Gas Right – A Regional Climate Strategy

Throughout New England, exuberance for natural gas is on the rise, with numerous proposals for new pipelines and power plants in the region. Here's why that short-term excitement is problematic over the long term, particularly for our climate.

CE+BFI Examines Innovative NYSERDA Energy Efficiency Bond Deal

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently issued bonds through a highly innovative structure to finance and refinance loans under the Green Jobs-Green New York (GJGNY) program.