New National Partnership Explores State Bond Finance to Scale Up Clean Energy Investment
August 1, 2012 by Lewis Milford

Clean Energy Group and the Council of Development Finance Agencies announced today the creation of the Clean Energy + Bond Finance Initiative (CE+BFI), a new partnership to advance clean energy through the power of bond financing institutions.

Clean-Energy Finance to Beat Beltway Blues
May 14, 2012 by Lewis Milford

As the country looks for new sources of clean energy finance while Congress remains paralyzed, we might have missed the most obvious funders that have been right under our noses for years.

Long Island Solar Farm – How Public/Private/Federal Partnerships Can Make Big Things Happen
April 2, 2012 by Maria Blais Costello

In early 2012, the Long Island Solar Farm, located in Upton, NY on Long Island, was given the Renewable Energy World’s “Excellence in Renewable Energy – Reader’s Choice Award.”

Michigan Renewables Cheaper than Coal: Another State Success Story
February 23, 2012 by Lewis Milford

Once again, the bad news on clean energy coming out of Washington is matched by the good news showing the success of a state clean energy program.

Funding Growth: State Clean Energy Funds Can Help Invent the Future
January 12, 2012 by Lewis Milford

These are tough times for the dream of clean energy and green jobs.

Clean Energy Scale Up: Do It Like We Did Bridges and Roads
December 5, 2011 by Lewis Milford

How can the world finance a massive scale up of clean energy technologies?

Energy Innovation – All the Angles
November 11, 2011 by Lewis Milford

On November 17th, several groups hosted an important conference on energy innovation in Washington, DC.

Solyndra, Solar Panels and Supersonic Planes: What’s the Difference if One Fails?
September 6, 2011 by Lewis Milford

Recently, the US government lost a few hundred million dollars on a new investment in a failed technology. But no one seemed to notice.

Group Buying the New Thing in Residential Solar – and Beyond?
August 17, 2011 by Anne Margolis

Last year, CESA gave Energy Trust of Oregon a 2010 State Leadership in Clean Energy (or SLICE) Award for its Solarize Portland program.

Offshore Wind and Economic Development: How Utility Law Could Help
July 18, 2011 by Lewis Milford

It is hard to imagine a new angle on the beleaguered Cape Wind project. Everything from its rich opponents, to the Kennedys, to the local Indian tribes has been the subject of endless news stories.