Offshore Wind in Europe: Lessons for the U.S.

There are a lot of great things Europe has that the U.S. doesn’t—comfortable taxis, good table wine, Idris Elba—and then there’s offshore wind, lots and lots of offshore wind.

CE+BFI Examines Innovative NYSERDA Energy Efficiency Bond Deal

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently issued bonds through a highly innovative structure to finance and refinance loans under the Green Jobs-Green New York (GJGNY) program.

Storage and Finance: Overcoming Two Barriers to Renewable Progress

The future for wind and solar energy is bright. But in order to realize even a fraction of their enormous potential, both technologies must address two major constraints, one physical and one financial.

Clean Energy Group President Praises New York Bond Financing

The Clean Energy and Bond Finance Initiative has released a paper about the state and city level innovations in clean energy finance, especially the new creative uses of bonds to support clean energy.

The End of the Electric Utilities? The Industry Thinks So Too

Will electric utilities go the way of black rotary-phones and daily print newspapers, squeezed out by technology innovation, competition, stranded capital costs, and consumers wanting to make their own electric power? If you said yes, you are not alone.

States Seek Resilient Power Solutions

A new report, just out from the U.S. Department of Energy, explores the vulnerability of U.S. energy systems to extreme weather events associated with climate change.

Warren Leon Named Executive Director of Clean Energy States Alliance

Today Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) announced that Warren Leon has been named the organization’s new Executive Director. Leon previously served as Deputy Director of CESA.

CESA Members Brief Congress on Importance of Federal Support for State Clean Energy Innovations

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) and the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) held a briefing about energy innovations at the state level.

Resilient Power - A New Business Case for Clean Energy

For years, people have put solar panels on their roofs -- and states have helped fund them -- to clean up the environment. Now, after Hurricane Sandy and the real threat of more severe storms, there's another reason for solar: keeping the lights on.

Charting a Course for Clean Energy

When we’re talking about climate stabilization over the long term, we’re talking about a balancing act: how to scale up zero and low-carbon emission energy sources and how to scale down the use of high-carbon emission sources used today.