Crowd Sourcing Climate Tech—Where is DOE?

Why is it that the Defense Department is more innovative than the Department of Energy on technology development?

State Support for Clean Energy Jobs: A Way to Avoid Congressional Gridlock and Unlock the Job Creation Engine

Obama should look to states for clean energy jobs as a way to avoid Congressional gridlock and controversies, and unlock the job creation engine at the local level.

Solyndra, Solar Panels and Supersonic Planes: What’s the Difference if One Fails?

Recently, the US government lost a few hundred million dollars on a new investment in a failed technology. But no one seemed to notice.

States Take the Lead in Supporting Marine Energy Technology

On Monday, August 15th, representatives from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, UMass Dartmouth, Massachusetts senate and the New England Marine Renewable Energy Center, marked the completion of the state's first in-ocean tidal turbine test.

Group Buying the New Thing in Residential Solar – and Beyond?

Last year, CESA gave Energy Trust of Oregon a 2010 State Leadership in Clean Energy (or SLICE) Award for its Solarize Portland program.

Fuel Cells for Supermarkets

Supermarkets are turning out to be an important early market for stationary fuel cells.

Debt Deal Puts States Back in the Clean Energy Driver’s Seat

The recent debt ceiling deal announced this week means two things for clean energy. One, forget Washington as a source of significant new funding and programs for a long time. Two, look once again to the states to keep momentum on clean energy alive.

Clean energy jobs are growing much faster than the rest of the economy; state policies are at the center of that growth

Last week, our friends at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program released an important report assessing the size and growth of the clean economy, “Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment.”

Offshore Wind and Economic Development: How Utility Law Could Help

It is hard to imagine a new angle on the beleaguered Cape Wind project. Everything from its rich opponents, to the Kennedys, to the local Indian tribes has been the subject of endless news stories.

Lighting Africa: A model that should be replicated in other clean energy technologies

Lighting Africa, a joint International Finance Corporation-World Bank initiative, is demonstrating the successful application of new innovation systems approaches to one of the most persistent energy access issues in the developing world: off-grid lighting.