The Growing Pains of Small Wind: Part II

2011 was a tough year for small wind incentive programs. Over the past 12 months, California, Oregon, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Minnesota all experienced some kind of suspension or significant reduction of their incentives for wind turbines.

Funding Growth: State Clean Energy Funds Can Help Invent the Future

These are tough times for the dream of clean energy and green jobs.

A New Norquist Pledge? On Clean Energy, Get Your Facts Straight

Grover Norquist has helped to paralyze the federal government on tax policy, and now he wants to bring gridlock to the many job-creating successes of state clean energy policy.

The Growing Pains of Distributed Wind

The small and mid-scale wind industry is in a unique place in its development: it’s past the stage of an emerging market, but not-yet-fully fledged. And as many states have been discovering, this phase of the industry is full of growing pains.

Clean Energy Scale Up: Do It Like We Did Bridges and Roads

How can the world finance a massive scale up of clean energy technologies?

Energy Innovation – All the Angles

On November 17th, several groups hosted an important conference on energy innovation in Washington, DC.

Power Outages and Natural Disasters: Which Ones are Avoidable?

Another storm and millions lose power. It’s a familiar story, in this era of more severe and unusual weather events.

Crowd Sourcing Climate Tech—Where is DOE?

Why is it that the Defense Department is more innovative than the Department of Energy on technology development?

State Support for Clean Energy Jobs: A Way to Avoid Congressional Gridlock and Unlock the Job Creation Engine

Obama should look to states for clean energy jobs as a way to avoid Congressional gridlock and controversies, and unlock the job creation engine at the local level.

Solyndra, Solar Panels and Supersonic Planes: What’s the Difference if One Fails?

Recently, the US government lost a few hundred million dollars on a new investment in a failed technology. But no one seemed to notice.