Solar Storage: The New Resilient Clean Energy Technology
November 1, 2013 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

Clean Energy Group’s new Resilient Power Project is helping states figure out how to provide resilient power to critical infrastructure, so that needed services can be provided during a natural disaster that knocks out portions of the electric grid.

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Battery Storage and Wind Energy: The Stanford Study
October 10, 2013 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

With renewable energy costs falling and deployment rising, and resilient power a hot topic post-Sandy, it makes sense that a wonky, non-sexy technology like energy storage has stepped out of the shadows to take center stage.

Storage and Finance: Overcoming Two Barriers to Renewable Progress
August 16, 2013 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

The future for wind and solar energy is bright. But in order to realize even a fraction of their enormous potential, both technologies must address two major constraints, one physical and one financial.

States Seek Resilient Power Solutions
July 11, 2013 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

A new report, just out from the U.S. Department of Energy, explores the vulnerability of U.S. energy systems to extreme weather events associated with climate change.

New Massachusetts Report Identifies Renewable Thermal Opportunities
June 11, 2012 by Todd Olinsky-Paul

For many types of renewable technologies and fuels, producing thermal energy is much more efficient than producing electricity. Yet the vast majority of state Renewable Portfolio Standards address renewable thermal technologies minimally, if at all.