Closing the Clean Energy Divide with Solar+Storage
May 19, 2016 by Seth Mullendore

The combination of solar PV and battery storage technologies is already reducing operating costs for businesses across California, but can solar+storage reduce electric bills for affordable housing as well?

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The Case for Solar+Storage Tax Credits: Clean Energy Group’s Comments to the IRS
February 16, 2016 by Seth Mullendore

The IRS recently asked for comments on how the investment tax credit (ITC) should cover solar and storage systems. Clean Energy Group’s comments, submitted a few days ago, strongly support the eligibility of storage under the ITC.

State Energy Storage Legislation: A Look Back at 2015
January 4, 2016 by Seth Mullendore

2015 was quite a year for energy storage, from Elon Musk’s Powerwall announcement to the recent gigawatt storage procurement commitment AES Energy made with LG Chem.

Resilience for Free: Protecting Vulnerable Communities
October 14, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

Clean Energy Group, through its Resilient Power Project, has released a new report analyzing the economics of resilient solar PV and battery storage (solar+storage) systems for multifamily affordable housing.

Energy Storage and the Clean Power Plan
August 14, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the final version of its monumental Clean Power Plan last week – all 1,560 pages of it.

Energy Storage, Electricity Markets, and Economics
August 12, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

A lot of people are talking about energy storage these days, which is hardly surprising considering energy storage has often been idealized of as a kind of Holy Grail for the energy industry.

Should Utilities Own Energy Storage?
July 30, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

What role should utilities play in ownership of energy storage resources?

Energy Storage Savings – Coming Soon to a Utility Rate Near You
July 9, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

Forget energy storage as the technology of the future, for many utility customers the time for storage is already here.

Is Solar+Storage Worth it in Hawaii? Yes, and in California and Pennsylvania and Virginia…
June 25, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) recently enlisted Clean Power Research (CPR) to create a methodology for valuing customer-sited behind-the-meter solar+storage systems in the state of Hawaii.

Energy Storage May Already Make Sense for Many Commercial Customers
May 12, 2015 by Seth Mullendore

In the wake of Tesla’s recently announced entrance into the stationary energy storage market, there has been a wave of analysis of what this might mean for residential and commercial utility customers.