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Colorado’s Low-Income Community Solar Demonstration Project

In this webinar, guest speakers from the Colorado Energy Office, Lotus Engineering and Sustainability, and NREL described and evaluated the Low-Income Community Solar Demonstration Project, which provides over 1 MW of electricity and serves over 300 low-income Coloradans.

Energy Storage Solutions for Disaster Recovery and Resilience: How to get Power Back to the Islands

Energy storage experts discussed solar+storage solutions that could support short-term resilience and recovery in a natural disaster. Discussion specifically addressed current recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, and how solar+storage systems have been used in Florida and the Northeast.

Follow-Up Discussion on Income Verification for LMI Solar Programs

This interactive webinar discussion is a follow-up to CESA’s 10/13 webinar, “Income Verification for Low-Income Solar Programs.” This webinar is open to state and municipal officials only.

Income Verification for Low-Income Solar Programs

In this webinar, speakers from the California Department of Community Services and Development, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will discuss their income verification processes for low-income solar programs.

Factors Influencing Public Support for RPSs

A recent article in Nature Energy examines various factors that influence whether the public supports a state RPS and other renewable energy policies. In this webinar, Leah Stokes, one of the article’s two authors, discussed her findings and their implications.

Principles and Policies for Low and Moderate Income Solar, Part 1

This is the first in a two-part webinar course on low and moderate income solar policy and principles. Speakers from CESA and PaulosAnalysis presented.