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Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster Webinar: Hydrogen for Transportation

This webinar is one in a series produced by the Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) designed to increase knowledge of fuel cell technologies and applications, identify best practices, and provide information and technical assistance. CESA’s Val Stori will be a guest presenter at this webinar.

CESA/RMI Webinar: The Economics of Grid Defection

Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Project hosted authors of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s recent report, “The Economics of Grid Defection,” which looks at areas of the U.S. where solar with battery storage is either currently or imminently at cost parity with grid-purchased electricity, and analyzes the likely impacts on utilities and customers. Panelists include Leia Guccione, Bodhi Rader and James Mandel of the Rocky Mountain Institute.