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Resilience for Free: How Solar+Storage Could Protect Multifamily Affordable Housing from Power Outages at Little or No Net Cost

resilience for free coverOctober 2015

This report shows how solar plus storage technologies can reduce electric bills and provide resilient power to vulnerable populations – a disruptive technology combination doing the job better than diesel generators that often fail during power outages.

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Accelerated Climate Technology Innovation Initiative (ACT II): A New Distributed Strategy to Reform the U.S. Energy Innovation System

CEG MI report cover Nov 2009November 2009

This report shows how a national clean energy technology strategy could be structured to incorporate new principles of disruptive and open innovation.

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Moving Climate Innovation into the 21st Century: Emerging Lessons from other Sectors and Options for a New Climate Innovation Initiative

CEG report cover may 2011May 2011

This report shows how an international technology innovation fund like the kind recently proposed by Bill Gates could be designed to provide for bottom up, developing country driven innovation around the globe.

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