Clean Energy Group's work is designed to accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technologies as rapidly as possible to strengthen the economy and stabilize greenhouse gas emissions.

What we do:

Information: Producing data and analysis on opportunities, barriers, and emerging markets for clean energy technologies.

Advocacy: Working with public clean energy funds, financing institutions and clean energy companies to promote effective clean energy policies, technology innovation strategies and public finance tools.

Action: CEG assists local, national, and international governments to create and implement innovative public funding programs to advance clean energy markets and project deployment;develops new finance and commercialization tools; and creates networks of U.S. and international funders and policymakers to solve climate change. 

Clean Energy States Alliance

Managed by Clean Energy Group, CESA provides information and technical services to its members and works with them to build and expand clean energy markets in the United States.

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CE+BFI Project Website

Check out the CE+BFI website for the latest news on clean energy finance. See for more information.